Thursday, August 30, 2012

BIC Soleil and BIC Soleil Bella

BIC isn't just pens, although its that time of year to stock up, I am here to tell you about something else from BIC.  I shave, kind of like everyone else, hopefully those who don't shave are few and far between :)
Buying razors though is something I struggle with.  They always seem so expensive and don't seem to last me very long.  I used to only buy one kind, and wouldn't even look at the disposable razors.  They reminded me of those ones I used back in the 90's ugggg, one blade, not sharp and did a horrible job.  I don't know why I assumed they hadn't changed since then but I did.


When BIC offered to send me some of their BIC Soleil and BIC Soleil Bella razors I was all ears, well legs, to try them out.  They certainly weren't anything like what I used back in the 90's!  They gave me a nice close shave, didn't dry out my skin, although I never shave without the trusty shaving cream, and were a nice fit in my hand.  You might not think that's a big deal until you try shaving with something that's not a nice fit.  I found that the blades stayed sharp for quite a while, they didn't dull after a shave or two which I can't stand about some disposables!

Here are some of the specs of the BIC Soleil Bella razors :

•4 independent spring-mounted blades: distributes and absorbs the pressure of the blades for a soft and silky skin

•Quick and easy to rinse

•Extra-large lubricated strip formulated with coconut milk for a better glide. Delivers a smooth and optimal shave

•Pivoting head follows the sensitive contours of the body

•Ergonomic handle with two soft grips specially designed for women: better handling for a safe and comfortable shave

Try one out next time you need to pick up razors and let me know what you think!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Glamping ~ Now thats my kind of camping!

A few months before I separated from my Husband we got a really good deal on a 5th wheel from his Grandparents.  Such a good deal that we could not pass it up.  Kris loves to camp, the kids love camping and me, well I like it and all but not a tent.  So not my thing ;)  I was all for camping in a 5th wheel.  I don't need to have a shower but a toilet and a nice warm bed are things that I really don't want to go without.

We got a few trips in before we split up but I really was missing that 5th wheel this Summer.  Not that I could tow it by myself but I really wanted to take the kids camping and at this point all we can afford, like so many other people, is a tent. 

I can't wait to buy another unit one day but until then there are some great ideas out there on how to turn some uncomfortable and cold nights of camping into some glamping!  Here are some great tips!

Here are some tips to glam-ify your campsite:  ·        

Get the VIP treatment: You can’t have 5 star camping without a 5 star location! Make sure you plan your trip ahead of time to ensure you get the best spot on the lot, close to things like hot showers and a great view.  ·        

Don’t sacrifice luxury: 36 per cent of Canadians consider a tent to be the most important gear to have on a camping trip and there is no reason why it can’t be fabulous.  With the new line of Coleman Instant tents, you can go from package to pitched in 60 seconds or less with enough space for a queen size air mattress and all the duvets you can handle. ·        

Ambiance is key: Amplify the nature experience with a few items from home like flowers, bedside lighting, tablecloths and linen napkins. You should also bring along a cozy portable chair, a small rug and a tented shade for the ultimate outdoor Zen zone.  ·      

Eat like royalty: Don’t let your dinner suffer just because you’re roughin’ it! Thanks to a little bit of preparation and some great new portable appliances, you can enjoy your gourmet goodies just as you would at home.  Take it up a notch and bring along some posh snacks like cheese and crackers and a nice bottle of wine to really wow your campsite guests … and taste buds.    ·        

Deck out your tent: Turn your tent into an outdoor oasis to truly unwind on your glamping retreat.   From a collapsible night stand to host your Ipod dock, to those 900-tread count sheets that sooth you to sleep – this is sure to be your classiest camping trip yet.

Coleman was kind enough to get us back up onto our camping feet with a new camp stove!  To send the Camp Bistro Stove came with a nice sturdy case, perfect for the back of the van so it stays safe and doesn't get tossed around.  Its also great for when your not using it, you can keep it in the crawl space or garage without it getting all dusty and dirty.  I was a huge fan of the color, how fun.  I love when things like this have a style and attitude to them instead of just being black.

Here are the stats on this bad boy!

•A one-burner tabletop stove ideal for camping, picnics, one day trips and other “nomad" situations

•7650 BTU

•Flame Adjustment Control

•Automatic Ignition, No Matches Necessary

•Cartridge safety locking system

•Integrated piezo ignition

•Enameled pan support for easy clean-up

•Case included for easier transportation

•Lightweight design

•Durable Construction

•Windshield Protection

•Large Base for Stability

•Lasts up to 1 hour 15 min. on one disposable butane cylinder 250g (8.8oz) (sold separately)

•Use outdoors only

Model No. 2000010870

MSRP $29.99   Available at Loblaws and WalMart We cooked hotdogs on this stove at home one night when it was much to hot to stand in the kitchen and cook and it was great.  Small and compact, heated the pan evenly and was simple to operate, this coming from someone who has never used a BBQ alone ;)  Clearly I have something else to cross of my bucket list for next Summer!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Brita water bottles

My kids drink water like crazy.  Brandon was known as the juice monster for quite a while but lately he has been asking for water all of the time.  I love it.  Water is so good for you, and my poor baby's soft teeth.  The dentist said that its important for him to be drinking much more water and much less juice.  I was a little worried at first about how that would go but luckily he did it himself.  Water water water.

Kristina has always loved drinking water.  She has a bottle beside her bed at night, and takes it to school with her everyday.  She drinks lots and lots of water.  When we got the new Brita water bottles in the mail Kristina immediately took them out of the box and claimed the big blue one as hers and gave her brother the smaller green one.  Apparently I don't need one ;)

Brita<sup>®</sup> Bottle Aqua
We washed them out, gave the filter a rinse and then filled them up right away.  My kids are sort of water snobs though I have to admit.  They only like cold water, like right out of the fridge.  They may have gotten that from me.  They are also picky about the type of water they like.  We came from the country where we had well water and oh man it was soooooo good.  If I could buy it I totally would. 

The first glass of water I had from our new place in the city was disgusting.  I actually almost spat it out.  It tasted so much like chemicals it was gross.  I went out right away and bought a Brita filter for our kitchen sink so that I could use it for everything.  That was the best $35 I spent.  Even Kristina hated the water here.  Brandon I don't think even noticed but maybe he does because the bottle he always goes for is the filtered Brita bottle!
Brita<sup>®</sup> Bottle for Kids

If you love drinking water but know how much better it is filtered then you need to try out these bottles!  They are super affordable at $9.99 for the big one and $8.99 for the kids.  Great price and of course are BPA free and dishwasher safe which is a new must have for us.  There are a great coupon out there for these bottles here.  They are available to purchase online and at many retailers.  Just think about how much money you can save if you currently purchase bottled water!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Who wants to win a trip to Disney World?!?!

I know I am going to take my kids to Disney World, one day, when I can save up some money, and they know it.  We probably talk about going to Disney World at least a few times a month.  I wish I could afford to take them now, they are at the perfect age, well really any age is perfect for Disney World!  I think Brandon would be tall enough for most of the rides and Kristina isn't at that awkward age yet where she doesn't want to hang out with me and do fun kid things so its perfect.

If you are in the same boat as me and would do anything to go to Disney World but just havn't saved up enough money yet you need to check out this great new contest!  Capture the Memories!

One lucky family will win a very special Disney World experience valued at over $10,000! including:

■Round-trip transportation and accommodations at Disney World

■6-Day Magic Your Way Tickets with Park Hopper & Water Park Fun passes

■VIP viewing of fireworks and a parade or show

■VIP Tour Guide for a full day

■Character Dining experience. Which one will your little ones pick?

■Princess and Pirate makeovers and more   How amazing would this be????  Seriously!  As if you wouldn't want to surprize your kids with this amazing prize!  I think if I was to surprize my kids with this I would have to take them somewhere outside to tell them becaues they would just be screaming!!   So to enter its easy.  You go to the Disney Junior site here and enter!  You can enter daily, yes please better chances, untill it ends at 10:00 ET August 31st 2012!!  Tell your friends!   Disclosure:  I’m part of the Disney Junior Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own!

Monday, August 13, 2012

More winners!

October 20th 2012

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So I didn't hear from mrsshukra so the new winner of the $30 gc from Dezign with a Z is comment number 2

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If I won, I would choose the Cloudy Clouds wall decals
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Drumroll please!!

The winner of the $30 gift certificate to Dezign with a Z is comment number 22

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Congrats but you don't have a contact email on your profile!  Please email me within 72 hours or I will have to choose a new winner!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Umi shoes with a Giveaway

Profile Picture

We have reviewed Umi shoes so many times in the past that they are like your favorite old runners to us.  Brandon is actually still wearing his last review runners from Umi.  I bought him a very expensive pair of sandals when he outgrew his Umi sandals and he hates them.  He would rather wear socks with his Umi runners than wear those expensive sandals.  He does like his flip flops but you can't wear those to daycare.

However right now we are planning for Fall and Back to School!  It was time to get Brandon some new shoes for Fall, of course they had to be some new Umi runners!  He thinks they make him go "super fast" and he never complained once about them hurting until his toes were pushing on the end :(  Apparently I should check the fit more often.

He somehow knows, with his Umi's, which shoe goes on which foot and will choose them over anything else any day.  Can't go wrong with them that's for sure.  They last day after day at daycare in the dirt and sand, actually come home full of sand everyday, and of course he runs with them all day long, and I mean all day :)  Man that boy has a lot of energy!

There are some gorgeous new styles out from Umi this Fall!  Check them out!!!  There are some gorgeous little girl shoes that I was drooling over!  I sure wish I could still buy Kristina those cutesy, sparkly, sweet little shoes.  Most of the stuff I pick out for her now, she looks at me and says, "Mom that's for little kids!"  So sad, they grow up to fast!


Umi doesn't just have running shoes either!  They have some gorgeous shoes for when you need something a little dressier, maybe for church or Christmas concerts or just for going out.  Another one of my favorite features of Umi is that they don't just go up to toddler sizes or even a size 3, they go all the way up to a size US6, that's hard to find and awesome!!!  They have everything you could want :) 

Umi has been generous enough to offer up a giveaway to my fabulous readers in the US and Canada!!

To Enter:

Go to the Umi site and tell me which pair you would choose if you won!
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Additional Entries:

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Win a pair of Umi shoes - US and Canada @Funfunkymommy @umishoes

***** Contest will end on Sept 1st at 8:00 PM. I will use to choose the winner. The winner will have 72 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. Make sure that your profile is set to public or that you include your email in your comments because if I can't get a hold of you can't win! Contest open to Canada and the USA*****

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Wonderful Walls with a Giveaway

MyWonderfulWalls logo

Since being in our new place, and wanting to make it as special as possible for the kids.  I wanted them to have the coolest, funnest rooms in town!  The separation of the kids Dad and I has been hard on them although they are adjusting fabulously and doing so well considering their lives were thrown upside down in a matter of days.  They are so in love with their new home and frequently mention to me how much they love it here and how much they love their rooms.  That in itself makes everything worth it to me.  I know that I am much happier with how things have worked out but its so much harder on kids.  Anything I can do to make it easier on them and make them forget about it is a huge plus for me.

I let the kids go online and look at lots of pictures of what they wanted their rooms to look like.  They spent lots of time thinking and talking with me and each other about what they wanted and ultimately got to decide!  I really wanted them to go with wall stickers as I don't want to have to paint when we move one day.  I didn't sway them as much as I wanted Brandon to have a monster room he really wanted outerspace so that's what he got. 

Monster stencil image

We picked out the space wall decal kit from My Wonderfull Walls and Brandon couldn't be happier with it.  He has a super cute sign up with his name on it and it came with so many decals!  We had room for all of them and there was enough to spread among all of the walls but I didn't think they would stick very well to the brick wall.  We tried a small one and it worked fine but the big ones wouldn't work because of the groves on the wall.

Brandon loves bringing people to his room to show off his space room and everyone who has seen it loves it.  One of the things I love so much about the decals from My Wonderful Walls is the quality.  They are a really nice thick decal.  They are strong so there is not much of a chance of them ripping and they are so vibrant on the walls.  Brandon even learned a few things about planets and moons and satellites while we did it :)

You have to check out the amazing scenes they have available at My Wonderful Walls!  They have wall stencils and they have wall murals kits so you can paint your own, so that anyone who can hold a paint brush can paint a beautiful mural and so many different wall decal sets.  They have lots of little add ons like the sign with Brandon's name on it, as well as some super cute canvas prints!

If there is something that catches your eye, as I am sure there will be, you can enter to win a $100 gift certificate here for My Wonderful Walls!  You can also use code FFM725 for 20% off anything in their store!  Valid untill Sept 2nd 2012

To Enter:

Go to My Wonderful Walls and tell me what you would choose if you won
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Win $100 to spend on any wall decals or mural kit from @Funfunkymommy @MyWndrfulWalls

***** Contest will end on August 31st at 8:00 PM. I will use to choose the winner. The winner will have 72 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. Make sure that your profile is set to public or that you include your email in your comments because if I can't get a hold of you can't win! Contest open to Canada, Puerto Rico, and the USA*****