Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dairy Queen and FREE Ice Cream!!!

I may go to Dairy Queen almost every week.  I hate to admit that publicly.  I am not a fan of packing lunches and work full time.  I am trying, sort of, to get better but in the meantime my friends at Dairy Queen always have a yummy pick me up available.  When I am craving something greasy I love a good basket of onion rings, with ketchup, lots of ketchup.  When I am in the mood for something on the healthy side I go for a nice big Orange Julius smoothie.  The mango pineapple is my favorite, well and I like the triple berry as well. 

I should not be writing this at 8:30 at night, this is just making me hungry ;)

Right now you can save a few bucks and still go out for a blizzard after dinner with the kids and grab a smoothie on the way to work.  If your kids go through cereal like mine then if you are sure to pick up the cereal with the special Dairy Queen coupons on it you can win win like me. 

Specially marked boxes of General Mills cereal like Cheerios, Lucky Charms, Oatmeal Crisp contain these great coupons.  The boxes all contain two coupons.  The first one is for a free small Orange Julius drink valid April 1-July 31 2012.  The second coupon is for a free small blizzard valid May 1-31 2012.

Start collecting, the cereal is on sale all over the place.  How can you not love spending $4 on cereal to get not only the cereal but also get the $8 worth of coupons :)


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Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Break 2013

Spring Break is two weeks this year and that couldn't have made me happier.  I got lots of time with my babies that wasn't all baths and homework.  Not that I don't like bath time but sometimes fun time would be awesome.  I was able to take my holidays this year for Spring Break, other than a couple of days that my Mom is kind enough to take the kids for.

The first week we spent 4 out of 5 days down in Victoria enjoying the weather, each other and the quiet.  Well the inner quiet because it certainly was not actually quiet lol.  We fed some seals, touched starfish and sea anemones, fed some ducks, took the city bus, went to a bug zoo, ate ice cream and did some shopping.  I loved it and I am pretty sure the kids did as well.

This week started out with some more amazing weather.  Today we made some bath bombs, you can get the super easy instructions here, and we played catch and did a lot of gardening.  Man is gardening ever relaxing, I never knew.  I always grow lots of tomato plants, the kids love tomatoes but man weeding for over an hour, I was dreading it but it was actually really awesome.

When it was time to cook up some dinner for the starving kids I wanted something easy to make.  I despise being stuck in the kitchen when its nice out.  If I can be sitting in the yard enjoying a nice cold beverage I would way rather be doing that than spending all night over a hot stove. 

My girlfriend has been keeping my freezer full of prawns and I have been trying to come up with different things to make with them.  So far I am loving a nice fettuccine alfredo with diced mushrooms, and some peas and of course the prawns on top.  This picture is when I made it a few weeks ago and tonight I even did the garlic bread homemade instead of store bought :)

Any suggestions for other prawn recipes
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