Sunday, October 21, 2012

Kinder Canada has released some great new toys

Well I am so excited to announce that I am back on board with Kinder Canada and Mom Central to bring you the latest and greatest from Kinder for the next 6 months.  I have to tell you though my kids are even more excited.  We are lucky enough to get a nice big package of Kinder eggs every month so the kids go a little Kinder crazy.  I could possibly be known as the Kinder Mom! 

We had Kristina's birthday party yesterday and I gave out Kinder eggs to the kids, right after I gave them enough sugar for the week.  Lots of cupcakes and chips but the Kinder eggs to the cake so to speak.  They were thrilled.  For some of the girls it was all about the chocolate and some all about the toy but there wasn't one who passed on ripping it open right away.

Brandon is pretty excited to take some to school for his Halloween party in a bit as well.  Gotta spread the Kinder love :)  I don't think there is even an age when you outgrow Kinder eggs.  I know I love the milky chocolate and am happy to eat it all up and pass the toy off to the kids.

With a new year coming Kinder is ahead of the game in releasing there great new toys for 2013 and they are awesome.  There are some with soft tummies, there are some cool new dinosaurs, bouncing monsters and of course some cool cars.  You will have to pick one up next time you are out and check them out, your kids will thanks you :)

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Thumbtack Press

Thumbtack Press

Since moving into out new place a few months ago I have been looking for just the right pieces of art to finish off our place.  Brandon needed some great art on his big brick wall.  Kristina's brick wall was behind her big loft bed so it isn't really noticeable.  I picked up a couple of posters but it just wasn't quite enough.  When I heard from Thumbtack Press I knew it would be the last great piece we needed to finish it off.

Thumbtack Press has a great selection of some really cute UglyDoll pieces of art that are just the perfect addition to any kids room.  UglyDoll makes some of the cutest dolls but you can now have the dolls mounted on your kids wall in some of the coolest scenes.  There are lots of lifelike scenes with the doll in them and then some more kid like scenes to choose from.  Prints start at only $19.99 and you can get them on a canvas, as just a print, or as a framed print. 

There is so much more than UglyDoll as well.  There are literally hundreds of thousands of prints to choose from and for any kind of decor or style.  With prices like this anyone can afford to have real artwork hanging on their wall.  Great idea for those hard to shop for people for Christmas, yes I just said it :)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pillsbury Chocolatey Crescents

We love chocolate, all of us do and really who doesn't!  The kids love to try and get me to serve dessert every night but I am not really into them eating dessert every night so we only have it sometimes.  I should admit though that sometimes for us is like 3 times a week :)  I try and do different things for dessert and don't love having the same thing again and again.  Sometimes I just give the kids some and then have sometime myself later on once the kids are in bed :)

When the kids found out that we got some coupons to try out the new Pillsbury Chocolate Crescents they were thrilled and hounded me for days until we had a spare second to make them.  Its not like they took long, only about 10 minutes from pulling the box out of the fridge to putting them in the oven but with soccer, going to their Dads and more it took up a good two weeks so do it :)  Its easy to say they were over the moon when we did pull that magic blue box out of the fridge.

Here are a few pics of us whipping it together, pretty easy, I think they could have even managed on their own, other than putting it in the hot oven.

Basically they involved a quick unroll of the dough, squeezing out some filling, rolling up, putting some chocolate filling on top and tossing in the oven.  For those of you who love a good and quick pastry chocolatey snack check them out, available in most grocery stores!

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Disney Junior Halloween Style

You can always count on Disney Junior to get our little ones pumped about upcoming holidays! They are so great about putting on specials and such to stretch out that excitement and get them into the holiday spirit.  Halloween this year is no different! There will be many specials on this year including every Saturday and Sunday until Halloween from 9:00-11:00 am. There will be great new shows and of course they will be Halloween themed!

I don't know about your kids but mine are so excited and want to try on their costumes everyday and can't stop talking about Halloween. We used to live out in the country where there isn't even any street lights so we used to have to come to town to do our trick or treating and I am pretty excited to not have to worry about that this year.

We are still deciding whether or not we want to do our trick or treating in our own complex, which I do want to do but I am feeling like it would be a but tacky because my house would be empty and nobody would be handing out candy.

We are leaning towards doing my parents neighbourhood which is what we usually do but this time it's only a 5 minute drive away. I have the day off work now so we will be able to go down the Main Street and trick or treat, get out to see lots of costumes. Brandon is still talking about it from last year!

What are you doing for Halloween this year? What are your little ones dressing up as?

Monday, October 8, 2012

Wholesale Halloween Costumes for this year

Wholesale Halloween Costumes

There is only a few weeks left until Halloween 2012 and I can't wait.  The kids love Halloween and this year should be a good one.  As with everything Brandon gets a little more into it every year.  He had a lot of fun last year but he got cold and tired so he bailed out early and Kristina and I kept on trucking.  At almost 10 its a given I think that shes into it. 

Kristina seems to know what costume she wants as soon as she sees it, although we go into the whole process without any idea of what she wants.  She can be very indecisive about some things but not her costume.  Once she sees what she wants that's it, you can't change her mind.  Brandon on the other hand is super wishy washy about his and you never know if on Halloween he is going to change his mind again at the last minute and just pull something out of the dress up bin.
This year Kristina was able to choose a costume from the amazing selection of girlie costumes at Wholesale Halloween costumes.  There were so many to choose from, and the prices were great, Kristina's was only $32, and of course its only a win if my baby girl is happy and that she was.  As soon as the costume arrived, which it did pretty quickly, a big key part of it this time of the year, she wanted to try it on.  To bad I didn't snap a quick picture but I will post one on Halloween, she is pretty pumped.

So she choose to be the girl grim reaper and is awesome.  It came with everything but the boots, obviously, and the wig, and you don't even need the wig to complete this outfit, it looks awesome.  The details on the costume were fabulous, it came with a belt, the awesome hand warmers and tights, which of course she can't wait to wear after Halloween.  Gotta love double duty.  It also seems to be pretty good quality, its not going to fall apart Halloween night which is great.  I have paying over $40 for a costume only to have it fall apart before we even get home. 

Wholesale Halloween Costumes have so many new costumes out for Halloween 2012 so check them out and they do have a secure site!  Sorry I can't seem to get any photos off their site but be sure to check it out and see for yourself :)