Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Disney Junior Halloween Style

You can always count on Disney Junior to get our little ones pumped about upcoming holidays! They are so great about putting on specials and such to stretch out that excitement and get them into the holiday spirit.  Halloween this year is no different! There will be many specials on this year including every Saturday and Sunday until Halloween from 9:00-11:00 am. There will be great new shows and of course they will be Halloween themed!

I don't know about your kids but mine are so excited and want to try on their costumes everyday and can't stop talking about Halloween. We used to live out in the country where there isn't even any street lights so we used to have to come to town to do our trick or treating and I am pretty excited to not have to worry about that this year.

We are still deciding whether or not we want to do our trick or treating in our own complex, which I do want to do but I am feeling like it would be a but tacky because my house would be empty and nobody would be handing out candy.

We are leaning towards doing my parents neighbourhood which is what we usually do but this time it's only a 5 minute drive away. I have the day off work now so we will be able to go down the Main Street and trick or treat, get out to see lots of costumes. Brandon is still talking about it from last year!

What are you doing for Halloween this year? What are your little ones dressing up as?