Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Brita water bottles

My kids drink water like crazy.  Brandon was known as the juice monster for quite a while but lately he has been asking for water all of the time.  I love it.  Water is so good for you, and my poor baby's soft teeth.  The dentist said that its important for him to be drinking much more water and much less juice.  I was a little worried at first about how that would go but luckily he did it himself.  Water water water.

Kristina has always loved drinking water.  She has a bottle beside her bed at night, and takes it to school with her everyday.  She drinks lots and lots of water.  When we got the new Brita water bottles in the mail Kristina immediately took them out of the box and claimed the big blue one as hers and gave her brother the smaller green one.  Apparently I don't need one ;)

Brita<sup>®</sup> Bottle Aqua
We washed them out, gave the filter a rinse and then filled them up right away.  My kids are sort of water snobs though I have to admit.  They only like cold water, like right out of the fridge.  They may have gotten that from me.  They are also picky about the type of water they like.  We came from the country where we had well water and oh man it was soooooo good.  If I could buy it I totally would. 

The first glass of water I had from our new place in the city was disgusting.  I actually almost spat it out.  It tasted so much like chemicals it was gross.  I went out right away and bought a Brita filter for our kitchen sink so that I could use it for everything.  That was the best $35 I spent.  Even Kristina hated the water here.  Brandon I don't think even noticed but maybe he does because the bottle he always goes for is the filtered Brita bottle!
Brita<sup>®</sup> Bottle for Kids

If you love drinking water but know how much better it is filtered then you need to try out these bottles!  They are super affordable at $9.99 for the big one and $8.99 for the kids.  Great price and of course are BPA free and dishwasher safe which is a new must have for us.  There are a great coupon out there for these bottles here.  They are available to purchase online and at many retailers.  Just think about how much money you can save if you currently purchase bottled water!!


Amy said...

thank you for the coupon, I want to get one of these for back to school!