Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Glamping ~ Now thats my kind of camping!

A few months before I separated from my Husband we got a really good deal on a 5th wheel from his Grandparents.  Such a good deal that we could not pass it up.  Kris loves to camp, the kids love camping and me, well I like it and all but not a tent.  So not my thing ;)  I was all for camping in a 5th wheel.  I don't need to have a shower but a toilet and a nice warm bed are things that I really don't want to go without.

We got a few trips in before we split up but I really was missing that 5th wheel this Summer.  Not that I could tow it by myself but I really wanted to take the kids camping and at this point all we can afford, like so many other people, is a tent. 

I can't wait to buy another unit one day but until then there are some great ideas out there on how to turn some uncomfortable and cold nights of camping into some glamping!  Here are some great tips!

Here are some tips to glam-ify your campsite:  ·        

Get the VIP treatment: You can’t have 5 star camping without a 5 star location! Make sure you plan your trip ahead of time to ensure you get the best spot on the lot, close to things like hot showers and a great view.  ·        

Don’t sacrifice luxury: 36 per cent of Canadians consider a tent to be the most important gear to have on a camping trip and there is no reason why it can’t be fabulous.  With the new line of Coleman Instant tents, you can go from package to pitched in 60 seconds or less with enough space for a queen size air mattress and all the duvets you can handle. ·        

Ambiance is key: Amplify the nature experience with a few items from home like flowers, bedside lighting, tablecloths and linen napkins. You should also bring along a cozy portable chair, a small rug and a tented shade for the ultimate outdoor Zen zone.  ·      

Eat like royalty: Don’t let your dinner suffer just because you’re roughin’ it! Thanks to a little bit of preparation and some great new portable appliances, you can enjoy your gourmet goodies just as you would at home.  Take it up a notch and bring along some posh snacks like cheese and crackers and a nice bottle of wine to really wow your campsite guests … and taste buds.    ·        

Deck out your tent: Turn your tent into an outdoor oasis to truly unwind on your glamping retreat.   From a collapsible night stand to host your Ipod dock, to those 900-tread count sheets that sooth you to sleep – this is sure to be your classiest camping trip yet.

Coleman was kind enough to get us back up onto our camping feet with a new camp stove!  To send the Camp Bistro Stove came with a nice sturdy case, perfect for the back of the van so it stays safe and doesn't get tossed around.  Its also great for when your not using it, you can keep it in the crawl space or garage without it getting all dusty and dirty.  I was a huge fan of the color, how fun.  I love when things like this have a style and attitude to them instead of just being black.

Here are the stats on this bad boy!

•A one-burner tabletop stove ideal for camping, picnics, one day trips and other “nomad" situations

•7650 BTU

•Flame Adjustment Control

•Automatic Ignition, No Matches Necessary

•Cartridge safety locking system

•Integrated piezo ignition

•Enameled pan support for easy clean-up

•Case included for easier transportation

•Lightweight design

•Durable Construction

•Windshield Protection

•Large Base for Stability

•Lasts up to 1 hour 15 min. on one disposable butane cylinder 250g (8.8oz) (sold separately)

•Use outdoors only

Model No. 2000010870

MSRP $29.99   Available at Loblaws and WalMart We cooked hotdogs on this stove at home one night when it was much to hot to stand in the kitchen and cook and it was great.  Small and compact, heated the pan evenly and was simple to operate, this coming from someone who has never used a BBQ alone ;)  Clearly I have something else to cross of my bucket list for next Summer!