Sunday, January 26, 2014

Florsheim Shoes

Florsheim Shoes

This Fall and Winter have been incredibly dry here on the island.  I am loving all of the sunshine and crisp cool days and can't get over the lack of rain.  I am for the record not complaining at all, just stating that I am nervous for Summer because what are we going to do without all that rain water then.  The big upside to all of this nice dry weather is that Brandon hasn't had to spend all of these last few months in winter boots.

He has been rocking these Quinlan Jr boots in Sand.  They are so grown up and handsome.  He loves looking like a big kid and the laces on them are great.  A bit thinner than standard laces but grippy somehow.  I guess its the material.  Brandon isn't tying his own shoes yet but they stayed done up, which of course I love!
 Florsheim Quinlan Jr 16505
My brother and soon to be official sister in law are getting married this Summer.  Brandon has been talking about what he is going to wear since they started planning it.  He was super handsome last Summer at my cousins wedding and wants to wear a full tux for my brothers.  The problem is that its a casual beach wedding.  I am sure Florsheim Kids will have something to complete his handsome outfit. 
Their shoes are made amazingly well, I am sure you know by now that I only like putting my kids in good shoes.  I want high quality, fair prices, and they have to last.  Florsheim Kids is all of this and more.  Brandon loves his boots and that makes me a happy Mama!
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