Tuesday, January 28, 2014

You can try and hide from colds and the flu but I would rather take my chances with COLD-FX in my back pocket!

Here I sit all curled up on my couch. Tucked in nice and warm under my blanket that my Mama got me for Christmas. Sniffling, sneezing, and sounding like a pre adolescent boy. I have always been a COLD-FX fan. I use it and it works. It makes my cold or flu go away faster and makes the symptoms less severe.  It doesn't hurt that there are usually great coupons out there to help bring the price down and it's always on sale this time of year which is nice because now is when you need it. 
This cold has changed every single day for me which makes me think it won't drag on. First day was runny nose, second day was scratchy tickley throat, third day was coughing and today is just raspy voice and flemmy.   To much info? Maybe but it's that time of year. Everyone seems to have it or be holding onto the end of it. Many people have told me that it's lasted them 4 weeks. I don't have time for that. Single Mama of two. Working full time and more on the side. No thank you. 
COLD-FX can be purchased anywhere it seems. Any drug store or Walmart or target store. Many grocery stores. It's one of those things like Tylenol that you just want to have on hand. The second that you feel like your getting sick take some. Take it until the symptoms are gone but please follow the instructions on the package. 

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There are two main types you can get. Prevention which you would take all of cold and flu season to prevent yourself from getting sick in the first place and then the regular COLD-FX that you take once you get sick. Honestly I have tried them both many many times and love this product. It works for me and if something works I will use it time and time again. 
Has your home been hit yet with colds or the flu?

Here are some tips from the folks at COLD-FX

1.    Wash your hands regularly - soap and water or hand sanitizer. This is the best way to prevent the spread of viruses.
2.    Eat lots of fruits and vegetables - these foods are loaded with vitamin and minerals which support immune system function.
3.    Minimize sugar and refined starches - these foods hamper immune response.
4.    Drink plenty of fluids - to help the body eliminate toxins and prevent dehydration (dry mucus membranes can make it easier for viruses to enter).
5.    Don't smoke and avoid second-hand smoke. Smoke damages mucus membranes in nose, throat and esophagus making it easy for viruses to invade the body.
6.    Minimize alcohol - alcohol is hard on the liver - our key detoxifying organ - and it is dehydrating.
7.    Relax and de-stress yourself - stress can hamper immune function.
8.    Get regular, moderate-intensity exercise - it helps boost our immune response.
9.    Get enough sleep - proper rest is essential for immune health.
10. Take immune boosting supplements, such as COLD-FX, vitamin C, aged garlic extract and Echinacea. Consult your Pharmacist or Healthcare Professional for more information.
To track the flu in your area and more information about the cold and flu cycle, please visit