Thursday, January 23, 2014

100,000 Air Miles giveaway with Old Navy

Old Navy is having an amazing contest right now!  The contest, running from January 16 to February 1, offers a grand prize of 100,000 Air Miles Reward Miles giving the winner the freedom to choose from any destination on the globe (and the ability to take their whole family)!  So, where would you go?
Personally I would take my parents and kids to the Disneyland, for like a month.  We could do Sea world, Disneyland for days on end, swim, go to the zoo.  Then we could go to Hawaii and spend a few weeks on the beach.  I don't know who would love that more.  Maybe a girls weekend in Las Vegas?  That would be epic. 
Simply present your Air Miles Collector Card at the time of purchase to automatically be entered for a chance to win! For all contest details click here.
So, if you could go anywhere where would you go?  Why?  Who would you take?

This contest is pretty easy because there are always so many good deals at Old Navy that it doesn't seem to matter that even when I need nothing, I go in and end up walking out with a bag full of goodies.  Now I will get to enter this great contest as well as get a great bag of goodies.  Last time I popped in just to look I walked out with 4 new tees for Brandon, they were on for $5.  You can't even get tees used for that! 

Best deal you ever got at Old Navy or latest greatest purchase?  I Love this sweater and jeans!

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