Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Barbie and Hot Wheels Kinder Eggs are unveiled

There are some awesome new Kinder Eggs out their.  Have your little ones spotted them yet?  The amazing folks at Kinder came up with Barbie eggs and Hot Wheel eggs!  How do you fit a Hot Wheel into a Kinder egg?  I guess you will have to pick one up to find out ;)  Brandon is as much of a fan of the Barbie eggs as he is of the Hot Wheels ones.  I was surprised at first, but once I figured out why it all made sense.

Brandon is a boys boy.  He loves his Mama and is very attached to me but he loves the mud.  He loves going on walks and holding my hand.  He loves Kinder eggs, Hot Wheels and girls.  He loves the kids that go to his daycare, especially the girls.  The girls love him. 

Its official, at almost 5 I have a ladies man on my hands.  Brandon started taking his Barbie Kinder Eggs prizes to school for his little friends.  They loved the prizes but I guess Brandon's attention was even more fought after.  The teacher asked that we not bring anymore prizes to school for his friends as it was becoming to competitive and a bit of a problem for the teachers. 

I shouldn't have allowed it at all looking back, of course someone always ends up sad and left out, and that's not ok.  But I didn't think it would be such a big problem.  The toys were just going into the girls cubbies for when they went home.  Some days though when I show up to pick up Brandon or just to drop him off I can't believe the attention hes getting from the girls.  They are all crowded around him, asking for hugs and stories.  Its not the boys at all either, just the girls and he sure loves them back.

Keep your eyes peeled on the Kinder Canada facebook page as there are some great giveaways going on.  They are handing out the new Barbie and Hot Wheel Kinder eggs like they are going out of style!

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