Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Build a Bear - always a hit

Kristina has to be the biggest Build a Bear fan out there. She has over 10 Build a Bears already, is asking for more for Christmas and could easily love another 20. Sadly the closest Build a Bear to us is over 2 hours and a ferry ride away so we don't get there as often as we would like, if you can imagine considering how many she has.

Lucky for Kristina she has an uncle who lives about 10 minutes for a Build a Bear and he understands her love for them. She has built up a great collection of clothes for her bears and accessories for them. If you can think it Build a Bear probably makes it. The kids, Brandon has one as well, have cell phones for their bears and backpacks, hair accessories, underwear, pjs, and more.

Build a bear has come out with a great line up for this upcoming holiday season. From a new collection of furry friends with sweetly scented accessories and unique stocking stuffers, to classic Christmas characters and gifts that give back, Build-A-Bear Workshop offers personalized furry friends for all!  Kristina was pretty lucky, on her 10th birthday, the actual day of her birthday we got a package from Build a Bear. 

We went to pick it up, she had no idea what it was, and when I said that it was for her and that she could open it she was all excited.  She ripped into it and may have screamed, really loud, when she opened it and saw that it was a new Build a Bear (the one in pink.)  She has slept with her new "Snowy" ever since, just don't tell her friends, I don't know if that's cool still ;)

Brandon may have one coming under the tree and of course I can't forget about Kristina, they will be loving me Christmas morning :)  Are your kids on the Build a Bear train?  Check out the rest of their great new "bears" for the holidays!