Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I took a little vacation!

I took a much needed break this last weekend and it was AMAZING!!!  It was so needed and well deserved, well according to me lol!  Kris's grandparents sold us their 5th wheel a month or so ago and we have been itching to use it.  We finally had a weekend booked off and were ready to roll!  We decided to go down island to Qualicum where there is a really nice campsite that has a waterslide!  I remember going their as a kid, for lots of day trips and camping once.  I had some amazing memories of this place and wanted to do the same with my kids!

The kids were pretty excited to go and we were also taking my nephews along with us, they are 6 months older and 6 months younger than Brandon so they make excellent playmates!  We spent a lot of time playing, relaxing, swimming, sleeping, and of course swimming and watersliding!  My arms were pretty tired from catching all three kids on the waterslide, they went on the small one and Kristina and her dad got to rock out on the big one. 

This was one of the first activities we have done that Kristina at 8 and Brandon at 3 have both had the best time at.  Usually one has a better time than the other with the ages but this was perfect.  I definitely want to go again.  Camping in a 5th wheel was like a little slice of heaven.  No tents to take down, no worry or rain, and when it did, we could still cook and have fun because we weren't wet and freezing.

Check out our pics!  Did you take a holiday this Summer that just made your year?


Terra H. said...

That looks like a fun campground and it looks like everyone had a wonderful time. We have a camper that we stay out most weekends for seven months out of the year. It's parked at a local campground and there's always lots to do.