Friday, August 19, 2011

Dyson Air Multiplier

With Summer arriving later than normal this year I wasn't as worried about getting a good fan this year but when the heat hits, it hits hard!  When it hits hard you would do just about anything to stay cool, I know I will anyways!  Personally I have always hated those round fans that get so filthy, you can't really clean them, and they are so loud!  I can't stand how unsafe they are, I was always a wreck when my kids were little around them and didn't stay any cooler because I was up and down just as much keeping my babies away!

The Dyson air multiplier AM03 Pedestal fan is a lifesaver!  Its much quieter than the old style fans, not silent but way more quiet.  I love how easy it is to clean, you just wipe if off with a damp cloth, there are no nooks and crannies to get filled with dust and it looks great.  Its very modern looking but I don't see how it would be tacky looking anytime in the next 10 years at least so its definitely an investment.  They are fully adjustable, forward and backwards tilt, rotating and non rotating as well as the different speeds they have.  My other favorite feature is that it comes with a remote control!  I love that if I need to turn it up, down or turn on or off the rotating then I don't even have to get up.

Its so easy to put together my 3 year old nephew helped me.  You just click all of the pieces together and in under 10 minutes, and with no frustration I might add, its together and you are cooling off.  Super easy to operate as well, I often find myself asking Brandon at 3 if he can turn it on or off and he loves it.  He can put his face right in front of it and feel all the nice cool air hit him right in the face and I don't have to worry about him getting hurt at all!  The worst he could do is knock it over and hey, I should be watching him right!

At $549 the Dyson AM03 pedestal air multiplier fan is an investment for sure but you aren't getting a fan you are going to want to throw out after one Summer!  This is a fan you can have out all year, we have a woodstove going in the Winter so this will be great to push around all of our hot air as well!  Also if all you need is a desk fan they are all $100 off right now making this a great time to pick one up!  Check them all out here!