Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Giveaway at Little One Books!

Little One Books is currently offering a contest to win a $50 Gift Certificate to use on their site. The button to sign up for the contest is on their homepage. There are lots of ways for someone to win so make sure you check it out here!

In the thirty years that have elapsed since raising our own children, we've never lost sight of the important role that books, music and video play in a child's early life. As we sought out appropriate material for our granddaughter, we were overwhelmed by the variety of products available. Only after a long and arduous journey did we stumble across the restful bedtime music we'd been seeking in the form of an exceptional music box set that offered soothing sounds for tiny ears. Even though she is now five, our granddaughter still enjoys listening to what she calls "soft music" while going to sleep.

Our search would have been so much easier had someone been able to guide us. That's why we created Little One Books - to help others make informed choices from among the vast amount of material available for children today.

We specialize in quality books, music, and video, for children birth through age five, and have personally reviewed and selected each and every item in our store. You'll find detailed information on why we prefer a particular product in our "Why We Chose" section of each product page.

At Little One Books, we match each product to what we believe is the youngest appropriate age group. However, our carefully selected items can and will be used for many years to come. As children develop they often find pleasure in revisiting illustrations from old favorites, and eventually learning to read them on their own.