Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Neve Designs - How to change clothes to something you love!

Founded in 2002, Neve is a specialty manufacturer of knit sweaters and accessories based in Boulder, Colorado. Our products are defined by their beauty, quality and fresh, contemporary approach to classic Nordic styling. Using only the finest materials, such as ultra-fine Merino wool and other luxurious and natural fibers, Neve is known for bold patterns, rich colors and active fits.

Neve creates products that are distinctly functional and fashionable both on and off the slopes. Our commitment is to craftsmanship, customer service and supporting our quality retail partners in North America and Europe.

Neve Desings makes some of the most gorgeous and stunning pieces I have seen in a long time! They are made with wool as well as other amazing fibers, which tend to be kind of plain looking for us but most of the Neve Designs pieces are stunning. It just so happened that the piece that they sent me for review was one of the only ones I really didn't like. It just wasn't my style, and although I offered it to a few of my friends and none of them were to keen on it either.
One of my coworkers keeps a really cool house though and because the sweater was 80% wool we started thinking of ways that she could use it. Basically we liked the sweater and all of the polka dots on it just not the red strip down the center over the buttons so we thought why not take off the red strip. It was pretty difficult with scissors as it was sewn on very well but with stitch rippers, it was a breeze! My coworker ended up with a gorgeous sweater that she loved and will keep her very warm!

Check out all of the other gorgeous designs from Neve Desings! They have a great selection of mens and womens clothing as well as hats, scarves and more!