Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide 2010 - My favorites of the year!

So I have a little ole $5 Walmart Gift Card kicking around in my wallet and its only good in the US so I thought that while sharing my favorites with you I would giveaway my gift card too! Just read through and comment and let me know something else I reviewed this year that you loved! You can live in Canada or the US but keep in mind its only valid in the US! I will draw the winner on the 16th at 8pm!

My favorites!!!

So I think that my first favorite is an obvious one, I use it a few times a week and think that I love it a little bit more every time! Its my Dyson vacuum! Its really sent from Heaven and makes my cleaning house routine so much easier! The pivoting ball is obviously awesome, the fact that it never looses suction, seriously, and the fact that it actually gets everything up off my floor the first time is the best! Vacuuming shouldn't take all day, or hurt your back, and with the Dyson you get everything you could want in a vacuum, plus some!

This one is more recent, the Little Looster stool that wraps around the toilet so that Brandon can get up on his own to use the big toilet. It doesn't get in anyone elses way when they need to go :) Seriously the best mom invented product I have come across! We have been able to get rid of our potty and he only uses the big toilet now, one less things for me to have to clean now!!

Speesees, its hard to pin down which clothes are favorites of mine but Speesees is definitely one of them! They are so soft and cozy, organic and comfy. Brandon rarley wears jeans, mostly he wears sweats, and Speesees has some super cute ones that he lives in! They go up to a size 4t, be sure to check them out!

Misikko's hair straightners! We use it all the time! Kristina has super crazy curly hair and its such a pain to style, unless we flat iron it! Its so easy to do with our Misikko flat iron, it heats up super fast and does a great job on Kristina's crazy hair!

Bean Bag Factory! The kids play with their beanbags everyday! They are something that will last for ages and are so much fun. They don't just sit in them either! They jump off the couch onto them, they hide under them, the use them as islands and the floor is water and they jump from island to island! These are definitely a great investment! After 6 or so months they still look brand new, and did we ever put them through the wringer, that says good quality to me!

M&M Meats is a huge favorite in our house! I could eat an entire apple crisp to my self and my hubby can down a platter of their scallops and bacon in one sitting! They are a staple for us! Kris takes the single serve meals and the stuffed chicken breasts for lunch all the time and I can't ever have enough in the freezer because we go through it all so fast!

Agoo activewear. Kristina doesn't like jeans at all. She is either in a dress or in yoga pants, everyday! We can't find jeans to fit her but she could care less anyways! She is happiest in yoga pants and our Agoo pants, capris and tees have lasted so well! They hold up great, are easy to wash and fit so nicely! I would make her entire wardrobe Agoo if I could!

Schleich! Brandon is a huge dinosaur fan, I mean huge! I think this Christmas morning he will be most excited about the box of 4 Schleich dinosaurs! They are a great price on and you can find Schleich at many toy stores! We love them and look for them everywhere! I am actually in the middle of having my favorite toy store starting to carry them!

Pedipeds! We have lots of shoes that we love but Pedipeds are definitely at the top of my list! They are durable, some are washable, and best of all great for your kids feet! It certainly doesn't hurt that they are cute too! They have definitely done their homework to know what is good for kids feet and how to create a shoe that works well for them!

Umi is my favorite shoe for Kristina, we love them for Brandon too of course but they sent Kristina some hot pink boots back in September and we are in love with them. They are butter soft and so comfortable for her! She never complained once about having to break them in or them hurting her. She wears them all the time and loves them!

UV Skinz are an everyday thing in our house in the Summer! We live in them, they are cute, breathable, cool, comfortable, and easy on the wallet. Best part, they are UV protecting! Its a cute shirt or outfit that you put on your kids, or yourself, and they protect your skin from the sun better than any sunscreen can. Think about how much you would save on sunscreen if you were covered in a UV Skinz and only had to do your face!

None of this was paid for in any way or could be bought! This are my own thoughts and opinions and I just wanted to share some of my favorites with you!

Here is my Holiday hint for you all! Buy used, and watch for sales. I guess its to hints but they are great ones! I start shopping usually in July when things are on sale and pick up bits and bobs here and there. This year I actually made a list of what I had bought so that I could keep track and not over do it like I usually do. I always have some used gifts under the tree for the kdis! This year it was just mostly for Brandon but I did pick up Kristina a used puzzle. Kids don't know the difference and love whatever you get them. Whether it be from a consignment store, garage sale or off a swap and shop on Facebook I love a deal!


Jen M said...

I love the UV Skinz which you reviews and I won! That was my favorite. My son wore it all summer.

I love all the little kids clothes shops you work with. Always excited for new giveaways!

Liked the Giving Gifts and Organically Hatched review as they are my local online stores.

jenyasha87 at hotmail dot com

Emma said...

My favourite item you review is the sleepysheep bedding. I bought their wool twin set (pillow, mattress overlay,duvet)!
The duvet is light but super warm with he overlay. My son always sweat over his cotten or polyester pillow but NOT with this wool pillow.
Totally love it & going to buy another set from them.

Terra H. said...

I really like the Warm Buddy that you reviewed and I won. It's cute and helps with aches. Thanks.

fancygrlnancy said...

There were so many, but I really like the little looster and the UV skinz.

Traci Fritz said...

I the the missikko!

UV Skinz said...

Thanks for including UV Skinz in your Holiday Gift Guide! We are flattered! :-)

Dianne said...

I really love the Maggies Organics socks and the Onsie from My Goodness Duds. They are both great for kids and I would recommend them to others.