Sunday, March 7, 2010

Redfish clothing for the couragous

Why Clothing for the Courageous?

Redfish Kids Clothing taps into the courageous nature of children. Children demonstrate courage everyday - from asking questions and trying new foods to meeting friends, going to school and even making room for new siblings. Locally made and 100% sweatshop-free, Redfish Kids Clothing was created as a symbol of our commitment to children and a celebration of their courage, bravery and unlimited potential to shape the future of our world.

Designed and constructed for growth, movement, and versatility, the simple lines of Redfish Kids Clothing are easily layered and worn together. Using durable, pre-washed materials, Redfish Kids Clothing satisfies kids need for comfort while addressing mom's need for durability, design and value.

Built with the highest standards, Redfish Kids Clothing is created to transform and endure with growing boys and girls. Pants become shorts, a swing dress becomes a smock, and best of all siblings can share each other's clothes.

Redfish Kids creates clothes that allow children to express their individuality. With a constantly changing array of patterns we trust that you will find Redfish Kids Clothing to have the personality to match the bold, beautiful and evolving "personalities" in your lives.

Redfish Kids makes some cute stuff! They carry all the way up to a size 8 which is great. Most places I am finding only go up to a size 6x. They have some of the cutest designs I have seen without being to cutesy. The quality is great, and the fit was awesome. We got a long sleeved guitar tee for Brandon and I love it. It is 100% cotton and came pre shrunk which its great. Its nice to be able to wash it and throw it in the dryer without worrying about it shrinking.

From Vancouver, Canada, Redfish Kids Clothing was inspired by the street fashion of cities like Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Tokyo. With strong images and expressive colors, Redfish fabrics are handpicked from around the world and purchased in limited quantities - rarely is the same fabric combination repeated. The prints we choose are reflective of many cultures and of our desire to embrace the new and current while simultaneously harnessing the old and historic in pattern, design and construction.

Each Redfish garment is locally made with love and attention to detail. Born out of a need to create clothing with "heart", Redfish Kids Clothes are symbolic of our commitment to honour the strength and courage of our children and their unlimited potential to shape the future of our world.

We are very happy with our shirt from Redfish kids and will definitely be keeping an eye on what they come out with next! Make sure to check them out!