Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bruised Bananas?

When you pack lunch for your kids or husband, or even yourself does the fruit ends up bruised? Does it end up all mushed on the bottom of the lunch bag? This was happening all of the time to the creators of the Banana Guard.

With over a million sold, the patented Banana Guard has allowed people of all ages to enjoy the world's most favourite fruit at work, school or play without the worry that it will become smashed and inedible! Remarkably this device fits over 90% of commercially available bananas. How? Highly curved bananas can be straightened slightly to fit into upper curve and very straight bananas can be bent ever so slightly to fit into the mold.

Aren't you fed up having to eat bruised apples or peaches that have been punctured by stuff in your napsack? The Froot Guard was specially designed to fit the average size larger round fruit such as apples, pears and peaches however its use is certainly not limited to holding just these fruit. Many customers place their grapes and cherries in these as well.

The Froot Guard is made of the same sturdy, FDA approved plastic used in the Banana Guard and also features a carabiner hook so that it can easily be attached to the outside of your backpack. A sturdy locking mechanism prevents premature opening and there are several ventilation holes so your fruit doesn't end up fermenting!

Banana Guard's invention is genius. One of those things that you think, why didn't I think of that? We got to try out each of the three sizes Banana Guard makes and Kristina, and I, love them!
My favorite thing about their products is that they are all made in Canada and go through the highest form of testing so you know that they are safe. All products are made of FDA approved recyclable plastic and BPA-FREE! If the same piece of fruit goes back and forth to school for 3 days its not all bruised and squished but its also still fresh with the ventilation holes.
They will store all of your fruit. Any shape and size, mostly, and you will find that you need more and more becasue everyone from the kids to you and Dad will be using them! Best part of all, they are only $6.99 and the price goes down the more you buy! Dishwasher safe and comes in 6 great colors!