Thursday, June 19, 2014


Kristina had been a big Limeapple fan for a few years now. She lives in yoga gear and really who wouldn't if they could all the time? I know I would. She has owned a few pieces of Limeapple every year and they were the first pieces she always reached for in the drawer.

Kristina has always loved Limeapple for the comfort and style which was good and all but I am a fan of the quality. Kristina can do soccer Saturdays in her leggings from Limeapple or she can lounge all day and lay around with her friends and I know the fabric is breathable and wicking for when she's sweating up a storm. They are comfortable and look cool and stylish so she's happy. I love that she will wear them for a long time. The fabric just looks new forever. The black doesn't fade and looks new for the life of it. The leggings are great because they work as a full length legging and as Kristina grows they will become ankle length and then cropped length etc.

Kristina has had pieces that lasted her so long and then we were able to pass on to other little girls who loved them just as long. The availability of styles always blows my mind. There are so many styles as well as colours to choose from. Your sure to find something (or lots of things) that the girl in your life will love!!

Be sure to watch the Limeapple Facebook page as well as they are often announcing big sales they have going on.