Friday, November 15, 2013

Tram Footwear - amazing boots for the cold weather ahead

Tram Footwear

Canadians know how to live with the elements, especially with snow and cold. Whether it is going to work on a rainy day, holiday shopping, driving to the rink, walking in the country or shoveling the driveway, we’ve learned to live with what the day brings and enjoy every sunny day as a bonus. 

Born in Montreal, crossroads of North-American and European cultures, Tram offers a new generation of waterproof, warm and comfortable three-season footwear. Inspired by urban life and fashion, Tram boots have been designed for those who look for function and sophistication, without compromising comfort or style.

Tram footwear designs boots for the stylish woman, urban man and ever playful kids.

Brandon got a pair of Tram boots in the blue rockets print below, they are awfully cute but I have to admit that the owls are my personal favorite!  If he would have worn them they were my first pick!  To bad he doesn't have the same taste as me.  Brandon wears these boots all the time. 


He loves how easy they are to put on and that they are warm, comfortable and of course they are cool.  They are his go to piece of footwear, I have to convince him to sit down and put on runners :)  Some other great features are the antimicrobial insole which with a boy is a must have.  The handles make them super easy to put on and the quality is awesome.  There are lots of knock offs out there but you can really tell the difference with the quality.  The "cheap" ones just don't last.  They end up in the trash after a month, ours did, and I am sure I will be able to pass along these Tram boots when Brandon grows out of them.

Check out how great these soles are!  Brandon has worn other boots and he has worn through the heel in them after a month.  These Tram boots have held up so amazing well, they are worth the money by far!  They are not slippery in the rain or snow, nice and grippy, easy to run in and waterproof.  I know when Brandon sees a puddle he goes for it, doesn't matter if we have to cross the road to get to it!

Tram boots are available at lots of retailers, just check the site!