Sunday, June 30, 2013

Spring picks from The Healthy Shopper 2013

So The Healthy Shopper is a free coupon book available for anyone who wants coupons for healthy, organic products that usually you can't find coupons for.  As I think you all know I like to coupon, I am frugal and love it.  It can be hard sometimes though to find coupons for things that are not processed or for fresh fruit, vegetables or meats.  Its not impossible just not as easy as it is to find coupons for processed foods and cleaners etc.

The Healthy Shopper has made a few picks for some of their favorites for Spring 2013

The first pick is 100% natural yogurt, certified organic Olympic Yogurt.  Its a nice creamy yogurt.  I love being able to give this to my kids and know that there is no chemicals hiding inside.  I tried making my own yogurt for a few months but it was time consuming, in a machine at that, and the kids didn't love it.  This they loved and I still no what is in it.  Not to mention the time I save :)

The second pick is Simply Natural organic salsa.  This salsa comes in a few different flavors.  Chunky mild, chunky medium, black bean and corn (my favorite) mango and pineapple.  I am not personally a fan of mango or pineapple salsa but I gave them to my girlfriend and she raved about them.  So that's all I needed to hear.

Pick number three is Natracare.  I have used these feminine products in the past as well and love them.  Nice and soft and natural.  I love knowing what is next to my skin and the last thing I want there is chemicals.  Kristina will be soon using products like this and the last thing I want to do to her young body is put chemicals all over it.  I actually believe that products like this should never actually be able to have chemicals in them. 

Pick four is Hylands restful legs which I love.  I randomly get restless legs and they are no fun at all.  I didn't even know that there was anything out there for this.  I have started taking iron pills which does help but it doesn't make them go away all together.  They have happened a few times since receiving this and oh my its amazing, totally made them stop and go away.  Priceless!

Make sure you order your free Healthy Shopper coupon book and check some of these out!