Thursday, November 22, 2012


Brandon has asked for some things for Christmas this year that I just don't know anything about.  This is my first go around with a boy and some things are just so different.  He has asked for things that just seem disgusting to me.  Bugs, edible body parts, blood and guts, and these things are for a 4 year old.  Frankly I am fine with it, its all very age appropriate, its just not the things I am used to buying.  I love shopping for clothes, dolls, hair accessories and earrings.  Its just weird to head to the store for some brains and a side of bugs.

We were able to review some HEXBUGs last year around this time and although they stayed at Brandon's Dads house he played with them for a long time.  The bugs bouncing around and running all over the house.  I remember the first time he turned them all on, you can't just turn one on, you have to turn on all of them ;) and he was just laughing so hard, it was awesome. 

HEXBUG Nano Hive Habitat Set

The only thing that I thought could have been better was that the bugs ran on tracks, they were easy enough to put together but it wasn't something you could just grab off of the shelf and play with, you had to set it up and then of course it took up a lot of room.  This year we got to try out the HEXBUG Nano Hive Habitat and its amazing.  It folds up to a small piece that fits right on the shelf but when its open, two buttons that you push down, its a big area for the bugs to run around.
The HEXBUGs have and upstairs that they can get to by a nice ramp, its pretty fun to each put a bug in and see who's goes up the ramp first.  There are also some pieces you put in that make the bugs go in circles or up and down a tiny ramp.  You can also add it to other play sets by opening the sides and attaching ramps etc.  A great toy that Brandon plays with all the time.  Definitely a top toy for boys this year!!  At only $30 you can even take the credit for this one if you don't want to give it to Santa ;)

Some of the great HEXBUGs are up for nomination at the People Play Awards, check it out and feel free to vote for some favorites while you are there!!  Voting ends on the 30th so check it out, also some great ideas there for the Holidays :)