Friday, June 29, 2012

OXY Clear it Up Sweepstakes


Oxy products have been around for years!  I remember using them when I was in that horrible awquard part of life that is called being a teenager.  Kristina is getting older and is starting to go through puberty.  She actually isn't shy about it at all which I love.  She will talk to everyone and their dog about it.  Telling them where she is growing hair, how her hair is starting to get greasy, and thats a sign, acording to my book, and how she is starting to get pimples.  She talks about it all the time and reads the book I got her about puberty all the time.

Personally I think its a great thing, I would rather she embrase it and talk about it than wonder and find the answers elsewear.  Its kind of funny that some kids you have to pry it out of but Kristina needs to be told who not to talk to about it.  We don't talk to Grandpa about puberty, it makes him uncomfortable. 

Kristina got her first big pimple this morning.  It didn't even bother her which I also loved.  She just asked what to do about it.  We pulled out the Oxy and used some of the medicated acne pads, which are great for when you are feeling really greasy and just need a wash.  I also gave her the facial cleanser to use in the shower in the mornings.  She uses my face wash thats just for sensitive skin sometimes but clearly her skin is needing to have a deeper clean everyday.

Oxy has an amazing promotion going on right now on their facebook page.  You can win one of three iPads, as well as a chance at the $50 weekly giveaway with an Oxy prize package!!  All you do is go to the facebook page , like them, and enter this code


You can enter daily but each time you need to use a different code and you can only enter one code per day.  You can find more codes on other blogs, just google Oxy Clear it up Sweepstakes.  You can also find them on specially marked Oxy products.  Start today and you can collect and enter pin codes until September 18th 2012

Disclosure: I am participating in a Mom Central Consulting campaign for OXY and receive compensation for my post. All opinions on this blog are my own