Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dyson DC43


I am all settled in my new place and loving it!  I wake up everyday and I am so happy, there is really nothing that could make me happier with where I am in my life right now.  I am so thankfull for my family and all that they did for me and continue to do for me and the kids.  I was lucky enough to get some great housewarming gifts from a few people close to me but I have to say the best thing I have gotten for my place is my new Dyson DC43!

Sure, I missed my old Dyson DC24, but she went to a great home with my girlfriend.  We have been checking in on her and making sure that shes well taken care of and happy there :)  Brandon even likes to unwrap the cord, if his Aunty Christy doesn't wrap it up properly, and rewrap it for her.  He shakes his finger at her and tells her to watch him and to make sure that she starts doing it like him :)  She may continue to wrap it her way just to annoy him :)

DC43 Animal

Back to my new baby, the Dyson DC43.  After using the DC24 Multi floor for so long the new Dyson DC43 took some getting used to.  I don't dislike the Dyson DC43 at all.  I just am having a hard time adjusting to the new settings and the new feel of this model.

It was just as easy to put together as the DC24, I only struggled putting the stick peice on because it seemed backwards in compairson to the other.  It turns a little bit differently, I think because its bigger, it just took a few times to get used to. 

I do wish that it had a spot on it to store all of the extra attatchments.  It comes with way more attatchments than the DC24, which I love, I just don't love that they ended up in a bag in the linen closet.  I wish they were right on the machine.  I love that the canister is bigger, I can't believe how fast they fill up.  I took it over to my Moms for her to check out and she had a hard time at first, its weird to learn how to push a vacuum on a ball, when you are used to 4 wheels that only go forwards and backwards.  Once she had finished vacuuming the first room she had fallen in love.

My parents have house cleaners and the day they Dyson DC43 arrived was the same day the cleaners had been.  We were not about to wait a few days to try it out so we figured we would just pick up the odd bit of dust that they missed.  Boy were we wrong.  My Mom was horrified at how much it picked up.  It was like the carpet hadn't been vacuumed in weeks.  It always amazes me how much more Dysons can pick up compared to other vacuums.

Here is my new favorite feature on the DC43, called an animal, you can put on the special animal hair remover attatchement, and actually vacuum the hair right off the dog.  How awsome is that!?!?!  Not only can you vacuum all of the hair up off the floor, you can get it right off your dog before it even hits the floor. 

As I tell anyone who will listen, once you go to a Dyson you will never go back.  Its the best vacuum, by far, that I have ever used.  I have been offered to review other vacuums and I turn them all down, I know they won't come close to my Dyson and so, why bother really.  Buy one, borrow one, or try it out in the store, you will fall in love and it changes how you clean.  I have always like to clean but now I vacuum all the time.  I love it!