Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Umi shoes

Brandon had his first day of daycare today and he loved it!  He has been asking about it almost everyday, when can I go, how many sleeps and just hounding me ;)  He is just over 4 and so ready to be there.  He needs to make some new friends, other than his cousins, and spend some time with people other than his Mama.  He had a bit of a meltdown today at lunchtime, I think he was just really hungry but with everything going on right now he has been a bit unsteady I guess I would call it.

He can go off into a mood a lot faster than he ever used to, I think he is just unsure of a lot of things right now and needs lots of extra patience.  Today's meltdown was not wanting to put on his new Umi sandals.  They are so cute, and Brandon does like them, but when I asked him to put them on so we could go to town meltdown number one occurred.  I did get him over it quickly and off he went to daycare and he played hard in his Umi's.

If you are looking for a high quality pair of shoes for your child you really need to check out Umi.  Not only are their shoes some of the cutest and most stylish shoes I have seen for kids, they are made to last, built tough and I have never heard the kids complain about them hurting their feet or causing blisters.  You know when you and I get new shoes how we have to break them in?  Not so with Umi which is awesome because, who likes to break in new shoes?

Umi shoes start at a size infant 0-9 months and goes all the way up to a size 6 in kids!  They cover sizes for all the kids you have, until they go into adult sizes that is :)  I got Brandon the last pair in the pictures for review and they are stinking cute!  He loves them, once I convince him to put them on and then didn't want to take them off!  Check them out!