Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Coupon Coupon Coupon

I love coupons lol, I am sure I have told you guys that but what I love even more is sharing coupons with all of you!  Some coupons are for things that you think, I will never use that, and some you think, wow, I could use 5 of those!  Hopefully this will be one of the latter ones.  Ever since the fabulous crew over at Life Made Delicious sent me some of their tortillas I haven't eaten a single hard taco.  I still will break up a hard taco shell over the taco salad I will take with me to work but now I always go for the soft taco.  They are so good for Brandon too. 

Brandon can not easily eat a hard taco, he loves them so he really really really tries but after a bite, maybe two, it crumbles and is everywhere.  He gets frustrated and just wants to eat it.  Now that I am so into the tortillas that's what Brandon gets too.  He loves that he can eat his entire taco without it ending up everywhere and of course having the same as Mommy goes a long ways too.  Kristina only wants what Daddy is having though on the other hand :)

I guess the whole point of my post is to let you know about the great new coupons from Life Made Delicious!  If you click on this link, you can get a coupon for $1 off Old El Paso medium or large tortillas.  Make sure you grab some to try on your next Mexican night!

Don't forget to check out Life Made Delicious for all your Easter Recipes!

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