Friday, December 23, 2011

Last minute gift ideas - HEXBUG

When we got this box of goodies in the mail Brandon was over the moon and we spend the whole day playing with them.  We got a box chock full of HEXBUG's and both of the kids have been playing with them non stop since.  They are a great stocking stuffer, the bugs are a lot of fun and you can get the big tracks for them to run around in and they can jump at each other and flip over.

They are even a lot of fun for me and I am not a big play on the floor kind of Mama, not all day at least.  We played on the floor all day, setting up the tracks, playing with the bugs, redoing the tracks so they were cooler and doing it all over again.  When Kristina got home from school she was over the moon, "I always wanted these" she loves them and I love that they can play them together even though they are 5 years apart.

There are so many different sets you can get, there are glow in the dark sets, habitats and battle bridges.  I love that when your kids really get into this you can get them more sets and just add onto your existing sets.  So cool and even Brandon was taking pieces off and adding new ones.

HEXBUG's are available in many stores for the Holidays and I am sure you can pick them up after the Holidays as well for some great Birthday gifts to have stashed away!  I know that both of my kids would like even more :)  Personally I just love the bugs, lots of fun!