Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dyson rocks it out again!

I have loved my Dyson DC24 since I first turned it on and vacuumed a strip of my old nasty carpet.  Once I saw what it could pick up a day after I had vacuumed with my old vacuum was the last time I have used any other vacuum.  I am hooked, what can I say.

I did have a bit if a scare yesterday though.  My Dyson lost suction, it wasn't picking up anything and was making a funny noise.  It sounded clogged and I could feel down one of the hoses that there was stuff stuck in there.  I was pretty sure they would warranty it but sometimes warranty's sound all great until you actually need them and then they really suck.  Not the case with Dyson at all. 

I had never registered my vacuum, not an issue, talked to a real person in less than a minute.  He was so kind to me and helpful!  He had talked me through taking the hoses off and unclogging them in under 15 mins and it was good to go.  I was soooooooo happy that I didn't have to send it away and wait the 7-10 days to have it back, which is very fast, but nobody wants to be without a vacuum.  I even noticed that one of the hoses was showing some wear while I was taking them out and he is shipping me a new one out right now. 

I was 100% in love with Dyson before and now I am even more in love with them even though I didn't even know I could be!  I love when a company really stands behind their products!!!  I am sure this is one cleaning device that any woman would be happy to get for the Holidays!!!

PS- this post was not in any way sponsored or asked for but I just wanted to share my great experience with all of you!