Wednesday, November 2, 2011

RUBIK's Race game

Looking for the perfect retro gift for the holidays?  Look no further!  The RUBIK’s Race® is a blast from the past and promises hours of fun!  The fastest game in town, RUBIK’s Race is a re-introduction of the original ‘80s game inspired by the world’s most popular, yet torturous, hand-held puzzle! Designed by reclusive Hungarian sculptor, engineer and architect, Professor Erno Rubik, inventor of the original RUBIK’s Cube®, RUBIK’s Race is the ultimate face-to-face game that challenges players to get their brain and fingers racing and go head-to-head with their opponent to match the pattern of nine coloured squares. Like the original RUBIK’s Cube, the world’s best selling puzzle ever which has achieved global sales exceeding 350 million units since its launch in 1980, RUBIK’s Race requires skill, speed and logic.  But in this game — players race to complete a puzzle!    

Here’s how it works:

Shift It.  Slide It. Solve it! The RUBIK’s Race includes a Scrambler, a device that contains 9 coloured cubes, and a Game Base.  The Base allows two players to face one another, separated by a hinged vertical “window,” and provides each player with a 5x5 slide puzzle of 24 tiles comprising of the six iconic cube face colours — white, yellow, orange, red, green and blue. At the beginning of each round, the Scrambler is shaken to set the target pattern. The goal for each player is to frantically shift and slide their tiles around and try to be the first to make the 3x3 centre of their puzzle match the target pattern of the RUBIK’s Cube Scrambler.  When a player completes the 3x3 target pattern on their board, they drop the window onto their playing area, covering all but the centre 3x3 grid, and declare themselves the winner!

Holiday Favourite“The retro RUBIK’s Race will inspire an entirely new generation of Cubers to challenge the puzzle with outstanding speed as well as bring back fond memories for die-hard ‘80s Cubists,” says Dave Charbonneau, president of Kroeger Inc., one of Canada’s leading toy experts and best known for distributing the world famous RUBIK’s Cube.   RUBIK’s Race is suitable for children ages 5 and up and requires no electricity or batteries – it’s eco-friendly and easy to use!  RUBIK’s Race can be found at toy and game retailers across Canada, including Toys ‘R’ Us.  Manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $19.99.

We got the RUBIK's cube race game to review and the kids had fun with it.  Brandon was definitely to young to understand the concept of how to play properly but he did like "playing" with his sister and moving the pieces around.  Kristina however really enjoyed the game, she get frustrated at the end however when I told her that the pieces had to match up the center 9 squares not just any 9 squares. 

It was very easy to put together and set up.  Its also great to take with you on the go, camping or on a trip.  We took it over to my girlfriends house for the kids to play while we were canning!  We will definitely be playing it again though, all of us.  Check it out for the Holidays for those kids who have way to many toys!