Monday, October 31, 2011

Buddha Board - Water Wizard

Brandon is big on doing art lately.  He likes to color, do crafts, chalk, paint, and anything else messy that he can get his hands on.  Its been really amazing watching how Brandons art has gone from barley even scribbling to drawing circles, faces and they even actually look like what he says it is. 

When I first heard about the Buddha Board Water Wizard I was very intrigued.  Its like a desktop artist easel and they have kids versions as well as adult versions.  You set it up either on the table, or your lap, and all you need to do some creating is the magical pen that comes with the Buddha Board and some water.  You fill the pen up with water and create.  It takes a few seconds but your image starts to appear and looks bold and fabulous.  After a while it does disappear and then you can start creating all over again!

Whether you are artistic yourself or you are looking for some Christmas ideas for your kids you should definitely check out the Buddha Boards.  They even make a great small sized one that's awesome to keep in the car for longer car trips or taking when you go to friends or family houses!

The full size is only $21.40 Cad and the mini is $9.95 Cad with a min order of 2.  For this price you can order a few extras for gifts!  Very unique and how many kids don't like to draw?