Sunday, October 16, 2011

What coffee houses have Equal sweetener as an option?

Well I am going to let the cat out of the bag and share with you all that its my 30th birthday this Saturday!  I am so okay with it, not upset at all, and very very excited about my plans.  My Mom is taking Kristina and I to Vancouver for a weekend of relaxing and shopping!  My Mom and I have always been big shoppers so this will be a great time for us.  Of course Kristina loves to shop and is pretty excited to have a weekend away with the big girls.  It her Birthday this Wednesday so its kind of both of our presents :)

the Mama and the drinks

We were at my parents tonight for Sunday night dinner, we try to have dinner together every Sunday and my Mom and I were getting into planning our trip, can you say IKEA :)  After dinner the kids were spent and ready for bed and my Mom and I were pretty into talking about and planning our trip so Kris decided to take the kids home and my Mom and I went out for coffee.  After working all weekend it was a nice way to end the weekend!
the sugar and sweeteners

My parents live in Comox so we headed to the closest Tim Hortons and ordered our favorites!  I had an iced capp with milk, not so sweet for me then, and my mom had a nice steaming hot mug of hot chocolate.  Nice warm way for her to end the day, the only thing that would have made that better for her is being in her jammies.  We couldn't order dessert, we had just had some delicious Betty Crocker gluten free cake for the birthdays before we left so we definitely didn't have room for a doughnut no matter how good they looked!

the restaurant (nice and renovated)

It didn't surprise me that Tim Hortons didn't carry Equal, because, well, I was there last week asking about it.  I still suggested it though because I think that its only fair that people who don't want sugar have just as many choices as those who do want sugar.  There are syrups, chocolate, sugar, honey etc that sugar is for and then sweetener as the only other option?  It doesn't seem fair.  I don't drink plain old coffee so I can't speak for myself but that's what I would think.

Overall my Mom and I had a great time chatting about our trip, ps you won't hear from me next weekend because I will be having a blast :)  The only thing that could have made this better was to not have the air conditioning blowing down right on me, it made for an extra chilly iced capp, it probably could have been better had I had hot cocoa though lol.

Do you use sweetener?  What kind do you prefer?  Feel free to check out Equal on facebook and twitter , @EqualCanada as well as Tim Hortons on Twitter @TimHortonsNews

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. As always these thoughts are my own!  #CBias


Glogirl said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great weekend shopping :)

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Happy Birthday!!!!