Thursday, October 13, 2011

Greeting Card Universe - great deal on Christmas cards

Have you seen all of the Christmas goodies already out in stores?  Its coming and quickly!  I love Christmas and can't wait to set up the tree and start baking and eating, and wrapping and more.  One thing I try and do every year is Christmas cards, some years I am on it and some I am not.  It depends on whats going on that year, how early I got on starting and how much I love the cards I found. 

This year I will be sending out Greeting Card Universe cards and they are so easy.  All you do it 3 things.  You pick out your card, you customize it with text and pictures to make it look exactly how you want it.  Then you pay for it and have it shipped to you.  Super easy.  You don't even have to write in the cards if you don't want to, you can have it say love the.... and then you just stuff them in the envelopes, address them and done!

You can even use Greeting Card Universe to order birthday cards, anniversary cards and more and even have them shipped right to the recipient!  That doesn't get any easier.  To top it all off right now until October 18th all cards are on for $1.49 from $3.00!  To kick off their new Holiday Photo Card Collection, cards will be available at half price for one week, beginning Tuesday October 11th, a deep discount traditionally reserved for exclusive sales days like Black Friday.  How awesome, now is the time to get organized, place your order and then one night have a bottle glass of wine and address them and then send them out, you could even have them out before everyone else, if you wanted to look that keen :)

Use code  2011OCT149


Avinash Narula said...

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