Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tim Hortons #CBias #EqualCanada

I love Tim Hortons, for those of you who aren't Canadians you may not have heard of it.  Its our version of Dunkin Doughnuts, I think that's your go to coffee place.  Tim Hortons has the best coffee, its cheap, always fresh and hot, and you can get it made how you want.  I don't drink regular old coffee, I just don't like it, I drink French Vanilla coffees which are sooooo good and I usually have a bagel and doughnut or cinnamon bun to go along with it :)  I also love to pick these up to make at home, in French Vanilla of course!

When I had the opportunity to take some time for me and head to Tim Hortons for a coffee date I was all over it, that's something you don't have to think twice about!  With cooking my first Thanksgiving dinner on Monday night I am sleeping and breathing turkey, just not eating it yet.  I could definitely use a few minutes away and thought what better way to do that than over some coffee with a friend.

My girlfriend Christy (above) and I (in the orange) met up for lunch today and had a great catch up.  We have 3 in our town and went to the one closest to my work, as I work all weekend but was on a lunch break.  This restaurant was just recently renovated and looks great, and it right beside a Wendys.  It was nice, don't tell the kids, to not have them underfoot and we could actually focus on each other instead of 1/2 paying attention and 1/2 dealing with kids.  It was also cheaper :)  The kids love Tim Hortons and have big lists of things that they each like to eat.  Brandon could even say Timmies at less than 2 years old and knew when we were driving past one :)  You think I go there to often?

There is something about the way Timmies, as we Canadians call it, put all of their baked goods on display that makes your mouth water.  You go in just wanting a nice hot cup of coffee, or an iced capp in the Summer, and walk out with more.  I don't think I have ever left Timmies with just a coffee.  When my girlfriend and I went yesterday we got a full lunch to go with our coffees.  Sandwiches, soup, cinnamon bun, doughnut an iced capp, and pop, can't get much better than that.

The purpose of our trip to Tim Hortons was to find out about the different sweeteners that they offer.  You don't just have the cream and sugar options like it used to be. They had cream, milk, sugar, and splenda.  The cashier was saying to me that you could even use their vanilla syrup as a sweetener.  That's a good idea but no less sugar although you would get some flavour with the sweet at the same time.  The Tim Hortons I was at didn't carry Equal but I did leave a comment card suggesting that they carry it.  Its a great option for people with diabetes and those looking to watch their sugar intake!

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias but all opinions are as always my own!


Tammi @ My Organized Chaos said...

Love their sandwiches too, and the chili is to die for!! Hope you had some relaxation time before the big turkey event!!

Anonymous said...

Josee P
Love my Timmies. Have you tried the apple cider? It's really good; wish they would sell it in those tubs.