Thursday, October 27, 2011

Card Swap party TOMMOROW with giveaways

So I will be telling you more about the company that is Card Swap with a review and giveaway shortly but tonight I have some amazing news!

I talked to the folks at Card Swap and they are going to include ONLY the fans of Fun and Funky Mommy in their big party tomorrow night.  Yes tomorrow night Card Swap is throwing an amazing party.  If I didn't have to work I would be glued to my computer all night! 

The party is happening on the Card Swap Facebook page so if you like their page, here, and then RSVP to the party, here, you can win.  Also if you are online the night of the party, tomorrow night, Friday, then there will be many more ways to win.  One of them being a Fun and Funky Mommy fan will be winning a gift card just for being a fan on my facebook page, here :)

One of the great parts about this party is that even if you can't attend, virtually, you can still win a gift card.  As long as you RSVP to the party you are in to win! 

Some quick background, Card Shop is a Canadian company who buys gift cards from people like you and I who end up with a gift card we don't want or can't use and you sell it to Card Swap.  Then of course when you are looking to buy a gift card, for yourself or someone else, you can buy it from Card Swap for a discounted price.  Card Swap always verifies the balance and there are no fees :)  Can't get any better than that!

Keep an eye on my facebook and twitter because I will let my fans all know when the giveaway is going to be for my fans only!!!  Watch for it and tell your friends!


Rebby said...

I'm a fan on Facebook!! (Rebecca R)
Thanks for the giveaway Funky!