Thursday, July 28, 2011

Gluten Free Betty Crocker cake mix!

If my hubby is home for dinner, and not fishing, we are a full wheat free family!  The kids and I do like to eat bread and pasta etc when Kris is away or working so we do definitely eat it but we are finding so many great wheat free options!  When Kris was first diagnosed with a very strong wheat free allergy there was not many options out there.  The options that were, were very expensive and lots of them were tasteless and sawdusty.  Not fun and because of that Kris lost about 60 lbs!

He has definitely gained a lot of that back though once we slowly figured out what he could eat.  I am happy that I am finding more and more every time I hit up the grocery store.  More and more people are finding that they have wheat sensitivities, allergies and/or celiac so the options are piling up which we are loving!

This is the golden cake with strawberry icing and chocolate dipped strawberries!

When I found out that Betty Crocker was coming out with a gluten free cake mix I was thrilled but reserved.  We have tried a few cake mixes and usually you need to add banana or apple puree to make them not so dry and to add some flavour.  When the Betty Crocker cake mix arrived I really wanted to add to it because I didn't want it to turn out not so good but because I just needed to test it out as is I went with it. 

The mix was great!  I just added water and eggs and mixed away.  When I put it in the oven I was a little worried because it seemed a bit runny but I just trucked on.  When it came out it looked like a regular cake!  I couldn't wait for it to cool to see how it tasted!  I whipped up some homemade chocolate icing, because the first one I tried was the devils food chocolate, I saved the golden for next time!  I couldn't wait to eat it and was it ever worth the wait! 

It was moist and flavourful and so good! I can not wait until I find them on the grocery store shelf (they are available in July so soon I will see them!) If you spot them please let me know via facebook and I will let you know when I find them and where! Can't wait!  Make sure you check out Life Made Delicious and their easy recipes!

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