Friday, February 18, 2011

Not Finding Out!

Did you find out what you were having when you were pregnant? I did, I am a surprise ruiner though. I am the one who wants to open presents on Christmas eve and doesn't want to wait until my birthday to open my gift! So many parents choose not to find out what sex their baby is going to be and that's awesome too! There is nothing like the surprise of getting to meet your little one at the same time as finding out what they look like and weather they are a Jack or a Jenn!

The downside to not finding out is that you can't buy ahead of time and pick everything out! Sure you can look around and kind pick it out and just wait until the little one arrives to go buy it all, because that sounds like fun! Or you can go with the fun green and yellow colors! Now if that sounds like a reason to ruin your surprise, check this out!

Not Finding Out is an online shop that sells not only the neutral items but everything you could want for your little boy or girl! They have tub toys for every child and towels that come in pink or blue! They have everything that you could want to purchase for someones baby shower and now you can buy it before they have their baby and order it in pink or blue!

Basically you go to their site and set up a registry if you are pregnant, when you are adding items to the registry if they have an NFO in brackets beside it them that means that it comes in two options, girl and boy! If someone decides to buy you one of the NFO items then it won't ship until you, or whoever who assign, sends in something saying that you had your baby! You can even have your doctor send it in early if they know what you are having and you don't even have to know!! When purchasing your friends can have you sent a card saying that they bought you this and will it be pink or blue! All of the items will be shipped as soon as NFO knows that you have had your baby! How fun is that!!

You could even pick out an older sibling gift from Not Finding Out! We got to try out a Green Toys tea set that Brandon is in love with! He loves to play with his play kitchen and make food for us all the time. We drink a lot of tea and so he loved being able to make us our own pot of tea and serve us tea! Its fabulous quality and will last us years! Kristina even likes to play with it!