Friday, February 18, 2011

Make your own Bean Bags!

Ok I have been kinda crafty lately and have been wanting to share! The other day I read about making your own felt bean bags on Our Big Earth and I decided that Brandon would love them and that I wanted to make them too! Off I went to pick up some more felt and some bulk beans. Turns out they didn't have bulk beans and I didn't like any of the felt colors, I am a bit picky!

So I let Brandon pick out the fabric we were going to use and grabbed a bag of beans! I cut the fabric up into the sizes that I wanted it and decided that because Brandon is so rough on things I couldn't just make it one layer thick because how annoyed will I be with myself if after a week it ends up split open and ruined! So we did 3 layers and they should hold up great!

I sewed up three full sides and half of the fourth and then left the needle and thread attached and turned it inside out and filled it up with how many beans I thought I would need and then finished sewing the last bit! I had originally hoped to use my Nana's sewing machine but its broken so I had to hand sew all of it! It wasn't what I had hoped for but really didn't take as long as I thought it would!

I got 4 out of 5 done and the last is 3/4 done just waiting for some more beans! Brandon loves them, so does Kristina, we played some catch in the house, it snowed today, and I am sure we will get lots of use out of them!

Do you have any other easy sew projects for me? This one was fun!