Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kokopax - The diaper bag that you could never pick out of a lineup!

You know those diaper bags that look like a diaper bag? I can't stand those! I do not want to carry around the bag I had for Kristina ever again, it was all 4 primary colors and shiny, it was awful! I thought it was great at the time but now I wouldn't be caught dead carrying that thing around!

With great companies like Kokopax creating designs that are fresh, modern, and fun you no longer have to carry a "mom" bag! You can now carry your dream purse just bigger! I love the Kokopax Samantha bag in Sprout that I was sent! Its a bit to big for me to use as a purse, I don't really need to carry a diaper bag anymore, but it is making a fabulous knitting bag! Its also a great size for an overnight bag. Well and the obvious, a diaper bag, which is what its made for!

It has so many great compartments, along with one large main compartment. There is a place for everything and everything has a place! A separate zippered compartment so that you can keep the paci or whatever else you want seperate clean, and bottle/sippy/water bottle compartments! Its made of cotton canvas with a durable nylon lining which is the perfect fabric for a diaper bag as its totally washable!

A fun and funky new diaper tote that mom will want to use on her own, not just for baby! Made of 100% cotton canvas with a custom designed water-resistant lining, durable webbing and striking chocolate leather accents, the tote’s magnetic closure offers added convenience and makes it a one-hand wonder. A zippered pocket, adorned with a custom kokopax logo zipper pull, three extra-deep pockets and a beverage compartment make this beautifully designed bag exceptionally functional. Available in eight custom fabric designs: flutter, watson, sprout, pax, licorice, and bubbles 3.

Kokopax doesn't just sell these amazing diaper bags either! They have the most gorgeous but simple backpacks. They are just like the original framed backpacks that your parents used but made with gorgeous modern and funky fabrics. They come in three different styles and the prints are amazing! Check them out!

Use discount code funandfunkymommy2011 to receive a 10 percent discount from Kokopax and be sure to check them out on Facebook and twitter @kokopax