Thursday, February 3, 2011

Consignment shopping is amazing!!

I didn't want anything used for Kristina when I was pregnant. My mother in law was, and still is, all about garage sales and getting things used. I didn't want any old gross stained clothes for my first precious baby. Little did I know that you could get some of the best things from garage sales and consignment stores!

I opened up a consignment store when Kristina was 10 months old with a girlfriend once I realized that there clothes barely got worn before they were outgrown. It seemed such a waste to use something for maybe a month and then be done with it. With what we spend on things there should be a way for us to get some of our money back out of it and for someone else to get some use out of it!

Once I had my own store I found that you could get some of the best things from consignment stores. Someone else had to buy it, for way more money than you were going to have to pay for it! I am still a huge consignment store lover as well as garage sales in the summer! I am always picking up bits and bobs for the kids and sometimes I just get such a good deal that I have to tell everyone about it!

Yesterday at my old consignment store I got Kristina a big Melissa and Doug outerspace floor puzzle, Brandon a Cars Puzzle, a Toy Story 3 3D puzzle, and 3 books for $15! I was pretty happy about it, I even had a $14 credit from things that I had taken in to sell. All it cost me was $1 and I was a happy camper, and so were the kids!

Today I was even more pumped! I follow the other consignment store on Facebook as well, Facebook is amazing for stuff like this!!! They posted that they had a bunch of name brand girls size 10-12 consignment in so I took Kristina in after school and we had a look. We scored! We got a DC hoodie, two Roxy long sleeved tees, an Old Navy skirt, and a tunic all for $44 and it was all in awesome shape! I had just over $4 on my account so it only cost me $40!

Thankfully Kristina has zero issue with getting used clothes and toys! I think its because she literally grew up coming to work with me at the consignment store and Brandon is to young to care! We even do lots of used gifts at Christmas! Kids don't care if its in the box as long as its something that they will love. Kristina actually found a Toy Story 3 book at the consignment store a few weeks ago that she got and is saving for Brandon's birthday!

Do you shop used whether it be consignment, garage sale or something else?


Maple Leaf Mommy said...

Oh yes! I love used. Thankfully wasn't squeamish about it and 98% of my daughters clothes and books have been used from day 1. I dread the day she starts to get old enough that finding used clothes in good condition won't be as easy.