Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide - Little Looster

If there is something you are desperate to find that just isn't out there Little Looster shows you that you can do it yourself! Monica Mylet, mommy of 3 came up with the design and need after parenting 3 kiddos through the potty training process! She knew what she wanted and went about making it happen! She even kept it local finding local companies to help create, package and more!

What did she invent? Its called the Little Looster and its the best potty training aid that I have found! Its essentially a stool for the toilet so that your little one can get up and down themselves as well as have somewhere to rest there little legs while using the loo. The best part, you don't need to move it when you need to use the loo! It wraps around the toilet with lots of room for the kids but doesn't get in your way at all! Trust me, I have been using it for a few weeks! We have even since gotten rid of our potty!

Brandon feels very confident on the Little Looster and even Kris doesn't feel like he needs to move it out of his way! We even just used it as a stool for Kris when we had to replace the tub surround lol!

I have a discount for you from Little Looster, use code DFJ2 for $5 off until 12/15/10 and be sure to check out this site to see the TV comercial about it and you get free shipping there too!