Sunday, November 14, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide - Rubik's Cube

Do you need stocking stuffer ideas yet? I sure do, I have some for sure but need more! The bigger the better to because then it takes up some more space lol! The Rubik's Cube is such a classic toy! Everyone knows what it is and what to do with it! Brandon got to try it out and loves it, he doesn't really know how to do it but he does play with it and his Sissy helps him with it! Here are some fun facts about it!

ErnÅ‘ Rubik invented the Cube in the spring of 1974 in his home town of Budapest, Hungary. He wanted a working model to help explain three-dimensional geometry and ended up creating the world’s best selling toy.

Rubik’s inspiration for the Cube’s internal mechanism came from pebbles in the River Danube whose edges had been smoothed away.

Rubik called his invention the ‘Magic Cube’. It was renamed the Rubik’s Cube by the Ideal Toy Corporation in 1980.

More than 300 million Rubik’s Cubes have been sold worldwide. If all the cubes were placed on top of each other it would be enough to reach the North Pole from the South Pole!

At the height of the Rubik’s craze in the mid-1980s, it was estimated that one-fifth of the world’s population had played the Cube.

‘Cubing’ still infects people of all ages. ‘Cubaholics’ are said to suffer from ‘Rubik's wrist’ and ‘Cubist's thumb’!

Rubik’s Cube has featured in hundreds of books, magazines, movies and even had its own TV series on ABC in America. Millions of web pages, blogs and YouTube videos are now dedicated to cubing.

In May 2007, Thibaut Jacquinot of France became the first person to complete the Cube in under 10 seconds in open competition, setting a world record time of 9.86 seconds. The current world record for a single solve was set by Erik Akkersdijk at the 2008 Czech Open with a time of 7.08 seconds.

In 2007 the Rubik's Cube beat stiff competition to be recognised in the annual CoolBrands list by the Superbrands organisation.

How fun would that be to open up on Christmas morning!!! Check out the Rubik's site here!!


Rebecca said...

Amazing how people are still playing with a Rubik's Cube! Are they??

Dana said...

oh ya! Everyone loves them!!!