Sunday, November 14, 2010

Aurthur's Smoothies

When Brandon wakes up in the morning his first word is juice, and its a very tired, cranky, demanding juice! He wants it now, fast and now! He has a bit of a juice problem. We have always cut it with at least half water and he doesn't mind water but he would much rather have juice and has no problem letting you know that!

We also try and drink smoothies often but sometimes we just don't have the time to make them. Even though it sounds silly they do take a few minutes and its just easier to grab a glass of juice. Arthur's Smoothies has thought about all of this for you! They have created a line of smoothies that are not only delicious but are really good for you as well.

There are 5 kinds of traditional smoothies and 3 SuperFruit smoothies! They all sound good, we tried the Mango Plus and loved it! The kids drank it up and we even tried some blended up with ice and that was delicious too!

Each 250ml serving contains up to 14 essential nutrients and is as source of fiber. You have to love that! They are 100% fruit and don't contain any additives and are not made from concentrate! Its great to grab when you are short of time and need something healthy, you can't feel guilty feeding it to the kids either! The only change I would like to see, is a bit smaller of a price point. At Superstore they were $6.27 for the 900ml bottle! Not bad but not something we could afford to get to often.

They also have a great line of juices that looked really good too!