Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Whats new at Ouchies!

I am no stranger to Ouchies and neither are my kids. We love them! What are they? Well they are the coolest thing to cover your ouchies! Ouchies catch phrase is "Hide your wound, not your style"

Here's a little bit about them!

When my daughter turned five, her supply of bandages began to dwindle from all the boo-boo’s that kids get, so I decided to search the aisles of drugstores for some kind of alternative – something cool, something different, something stylish. To my complete surprise, I came home empty handed; only able to offer her one of my horribly, boring beige bandages.

As I stood there in front of her medicine cabinet, I thought to myself, “Why are there no cool bandages?” I felt that change was in order, but it wasn’t until my wife (who is the true inspiration and “umph” behind these products) gave me a nudge and said, “You can do it.” From that point on, I started Ouchies – offering kids an array of adhesive bandages that allow them to show their style and personality. Since that time I have had two more kids, furthering my dedication to giving kids the chance to express themselves through bandages.

So, join me, my wife, my two daughters and son and let the world know that just because you are 5 or 8 or even 11, you can still have style after you have fallen and scraped your knee. Down with beige bandages, baby!

Ouchies just keeps adding to their line and we love that! They have so many cool designs and there really isn't one that I don't like! Oh and I guess I could say that my kids love them too. Kristina even gets her dad to wear them, the girlie ones of course ;) The two newest designs they have come out with are Olivia for girls and Jon Scieszka's Trucktown for boys! We love them!

Ouchies come in a great reusable tin, great for crafts, storing little items, or anything else you might think of. I have never seen any other bandaids that even come close to competing with Ouchies, pick some up and see for yourself! If you can't get them locally, get your favorite store to start carrying them!