Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Curious Chef

I remember baking with my Grandma when I was little and it was a fond memory for me. I would love to pass great memories like that down to my kids but find it so frustrating to cook and bake with them. Kristina loves helping me bake, cookies, cake, breads and more but I am a bit OCD and can't stand the mess. Its just so hard for her to be tidy with bowls and spoons that are to big and a mom who just can't relax.

When Curious Chef sent us the 27 piece foundation set Kristina couldn't have been more excited. I had been trying to just relax about the mess and just go with it but his foundation set has helped so much. We can do a full batch of cookies or muffins in the bowl and all of the tools that we need are just her size. She loved being able to help so much and do almost everything. I got to relax and we had a great time!

As parents, we loved bonding with our little ones in the kitchen—it’s a place where learning is exciting and even disasters can be fun! But we struggled to find cooking utensils our children could use safely, comfortably, and successfully.

That’s when the light bulb flashed on!

As professionals in the house wares industry, we knew we could design quality kitchen utensils and gadgets that children could use and enjoy. After years of development and real-world testing, the Curious Chef® collection of kid-friendly kitchen tools was born.

Every piece in our collection is sized for small hands. What’s more, we made them bright, fun, and easy to grip. Even our cutlery is plastic and nylon, with blunt tips for safety. Our collection is extensive, with nearly everything a sous-chef might need.

It soon became clear that when children have their own set of kitchen tools and gadgets, they can get pretty excited about cooking. In no time at all, budding chefs will be gathering at kitchen counters, concocting their very own edible creations, and bonding with adults in the comfort of home.

Welcome! We hope you and your kids enjoy your own journey of cooking, discovery, and fun.

If you are looking for a way for your kids to help out in the kitchen or they already do and you need some great tools for them be sure to check out Curious Chef!