Saturday, March 20, 2010

Beyond the Wall

Beyond the Wall is a new up and coming vinyl lettering company! My experience with Sherri was exceptional. She was very accommodating and very easy to work with, she even dropped my vinyl quote off at my house!

Sherri says that her wall quotes and vinyl wall art in general is addicting and man is it ever. I have lots of wall art now and want so much more! It really makes your home unique. It works in so many places, I have it in my living room, the kids rooms, and now in the bathroom!

Sherri sent me the quote "Live every Moment, Laugh everyday, Love Beyond Words" for my bathroom and I love it. It was pretty simple to put up. It was a little more time consuming than one big piece because each letter is its own piece of vinyl. They are all stuck to one piece of backing so its just the peeling off that is more changeling. You just need to be sure that each letter is stuck before you pull back. It took about 15 minutes all together so all in all, its a lot faster and way more unique than painting!

Beyond the Wall has so many amazing pieces to choose from. They have sections for life, love, home, baby, family, and stick figures. You can even custom make something for you! There prices were very good and shipping is a flat $5 in Canada and free if you order over $75!

Sherri has offered all of my readers 15% off anything they order! Just email her with your order and let her know you heard about it here!