Monday, June 3, 2013

Pasta Salad - a Summer favorite

I love pasta salad and rumor has it its a favorite among lots of folks in the Summer.  My girlfriend made up a batch over the weekend and invited me over for a bowl.  The great thing about Pasta salad is that you can have it on its own for lunch or a snack or as a side with lunch or dinner.  Pasta salad is something that you really don't need a recipe for.  Some of my favorite things to add to a pasta salad are ham, peas, corn, pickles, and cheese.

My girlfriend and I were discussing tips on making pasta salad and there were a few that stuck out for us.  First you can't rinse the pasta with cold water once you cook it.  If you rinse it with cold water the mayo won't stick and it goes dry the next day.  When you drain the pasta you just add the frozen peas and corn and mix.  While the peas and corn are defrosting in the hot noodles the noodles cool off. 

Then you can thrown in the rest of your ingredients and your good to go.  Nobody wants pasta salad where the mayo won't stick to the noodles.  Another great tip is to add some pickle juice to the mayo when your making the dressing.  It just gives it a bit of a kick.  The contrast in the different flavors does it for me.  Sharpness in the cheese, sweetness in the pickle and the kick in the dressing.  Love it. 

What is your tip for a really good pasta salad?

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