Monday, September 17, 2012

Live Clean Enviro Kidz

I saw a show advertised the other night about how so many companies are able to just slap on an organic sticker or claim to be all natural etc without having to necessarily go through all of the loops and stuff that comes with being actually certified.  There is a big difference with food in the price, companies will not charge as much when its uncertified organic and is probably OK if you know the people and trust them, we are talking local farms, but the cost that goes into getting things certified is huge therefore those companies have to charge more because of the cost to get it certified.  It depends on weather or not its worth it to the company and their bottom line.

This company definitely wanted to be clean! They are live clean and have products filled with all of the good and without the bad!  Here is the link to what they contain as well as what they don't contain!!

I love companies like this, I just read one of the quotes on the bottom of that page that said if you do dishes for 5 minutes under the tap you use 96 liters of water and a full cycle in the dishwasher uses only 41.  That my friends is another great reason why you should let the dishwasher do the work for you.  I sometimes feel guilty those rare times when its not totally full and I have to run it but now I sure don't!

Back to the hair products!  We have used these 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioners a lot on both of the kids.  Kristina not so much anymore as she has pretty highly demanding hair but Brandon just has a cute mowhawk so hes good to go.  These 2 in 1's are awesome, they rinse clean, smell wonderful, and wash and lather up great. 

I certainly have no complaints about the 2 in 1's I just love love love the leave in conditioner.  It has to be my favorite Live Clean product thus far.  Kristina has curly thick thick thick hair and its always a mess, she wakes up with crazy morning hair!

We give it a quick spray down with Enviro Kidz leave in conditioner and its tame and ready for a flat iron or a brush and we are out the door.  I really wish that Kristina would love her gorgeous curly hair and not fight it and straighten it everyday but that's what you do when you have curly hair I guess.  When its straight you want curly and vice versa.

This year my hairdresser suggested that I add some Tea Tree Oil to her leave in conditioner to rid any lice that may think about attaching themselves.  We had a bit of a lice run last year that lasted months.  There wasn't much we didn't do, it just wouldn't go away.  It lasted about 4 months before we finally  had to cut off her beautiful locks.  She had been growing it for a long time but it was so thick we just couldn't get rid of them all!  Once we cut it it was a lot easier to get rid of, but still no easy.

I would do anything for her to not have lice again, that's how bad it was.  So back to my point, I added some Tea Tree oil to the Enviro Kidz leave in conditioner and even though the oil has a strong smell, really strong, you couldn't really tell it was there once mixed with the leave in conditioner.  Back to school tip of the week :)

Live Clean Enviro Kidz are available at many big box stores including Walmart