Monday, September 24, 2012

Grace Adele - my amazing new bag

Grace Adele Style System

So I kind of have a thing for bags, great bags and when I was offered to review one of the great new Grace Adele bags I was all over it!  I got the 3rd bag to the right, the chocolate brown one a few weeks ago and have received so many compliments on it already!  I usually go for a more bright bag but I wanted something that I wouldn't get bored of and being that this is an amazing quality bag I knew it would last me years! 

This bag also goes with everything being a neutral!  What you might not know if that all 4 of those bags above are all the same bags.  They each have a different clutch in the front pocket that you can change up the clutch and have a totally different look.  You can also get charms and flowers and things to add to your bag to make it even more in sync with your style.  You can get notebooks and makeup bags to add to your bag or pick up a few things and constantly, read when you have a spare minute, change it up.

Complete your look: Grace Adele Accessories

When you shop with Grace Adele you can shop out of your own home or in the comfort of your girlfriends house.  They are sold through home parties.  When you look at the inside of these bags they are super organized and make it easy for you to keep it that way.  They are plenty of pouch's to put your lipstick, keys, cell phone, tampons, and more in.  There is even a great pocket that my e reader fits in perfectly!

If you are interested, and how could you not be, check to see if there is a rep in your area and have a no pressure party with wine and snacks with the girlfriends.  Or if there isn't think about becoming a consultant yourself.  I did the consultant thing a few years ago with kids toys and it was a lot of fun and you can definitely make money at it.  It also gives you a great reason to leave Daddy to put the kids to bed and get out for the night!