Monday, July 23, 2012

Dyson Air Multiplier

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If I had to choose a favorite brand, of all time, not choosing a category, just picking things that I see around my house and use frequently.  I would choose Dyson hands down.  You can find me talking about my DC43 vacuum and my new AM02 tower fan!  I vacuum all year long but right now my daily baby that keeps me cool is my new AM02.  I couldn't function without it the last week or two.  My living room stays at an OK temperature until the heat gets over the mid 20's and then its unbearable. 

AM03 Pedestal Fan

The kids and I are living in front of the AM02 and its been cool :)  I have the AM03 pedestal fan in my bedroom that I reviewed last year and it hasn't been turned off in almost 2 weeks.  Its the only way I can sleep.  The living room gets cool enough by nighttime but not upstairs.  I even remembered to dig out the AM04 Dyson heater that doubles as a fan for Kristina's room.  She is in a loft bed so its even hotter up there.  Brandon however just has a cheap fan that doesn't really do anything except blow the hot air around and make me nervous because he wants to touch it :(  At least he isn't uncomfortable though as hes still sleeping in pants and not complaining at all, apparently he likes to sweat :)

AM02 Tower Fan

Back to the start, when the AM02 arrived I quickly put it together.  It literally took about 5 minutes.  I love that you can pick one up at the store in the middle of a heat wave and not start sweating just from having to put it together.  I know Brandon's cheap crappy fan took me about 15 minutes to put together and I had to hunt down my screwdriver.  I love that when my girlfriend comes over because her house it to hot and her dog sniffs out the AM02 fan and then proceeds to stick his head right in the middle of it and there is no concern about him getting hurt.

I love that the AM02 is tall and narrow so it doesn't take up much room at all.  I use the circle shaped AM03 in my room because I have tons of empty space up there.  I love how light it is so that I can easily take it from room to room depending on the breeze, time of day and where we are hanging out.  If you are looking at picking up a new fan for the Summer make no mistake, nothing can compete with the Dyson!

AM01 Table Fan 25/30 cmAM01 Table Fan 25/30 cmAM01 Table Fan 25/30 cm