Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pink Pepper Pie

Kristina lives in yoga clothes.  Some people try and pressure her into wearing jeans because they are cool or they believe that that's what she should be wearing but shes not comfortable like that.  She loves comfort and at the end of the day that's all that matters.  That and that shes happy :)  If you think about your favorite outfit chances are its a comfortable one. 

Some of Kristina's favorite yoga clothes come from Pink Pepper Pie.  They are super fun and funky as well as comfortable, fit great and last.  They are no crappy look great until you wash them clothes, they last and last and then you can hand down when they still look great instead of having to toss them out!

Last year Kristina was able to get an adorable flowy skirt from Pink Pepper Pie.  She goes back and forth year to year, some years you can't get her into a dress or skirt and then the next that's all she will wear.  Even with the back and forth the skirt from Pink Pepper Pie was constant.  It was girlie like a skirt yet it was as comfy as yoga gear, because it was. 

This time around Kristina got a classic pair of yoga pants.  They fit fabulously and Kristina loves them.  They are black so they match everything, and she is all about the matching now a days!  The yoga pants from Pink Pepper Pie all come with a funky waistband on them, there are a few really cute prints to choose from, Kristina got the dots and loves it.

9004 Bow Pack

Check out some of the cute new stuff they have out for Summer!  We are fans and I am sure you will be to!

S12-3391 CROP TOP